Football Version 10.0 Features


1) Actual Team Interception Returns – An optional feature, Actual Team Interception Returns, has been added that gives each real-life pro team their own customized interception return chart. If utilized the team chart will be used in lieu of the standard interception return chart and it will result in a more accurate portrayal of each team’s ability to return interceptions.

2) "So Far Today" Feature – Tell you what the primary player of the previous play has done at the end of each play.

3) New Timeout Feature – Allows you to call a timeout when there are either one or two ticks left on the clock at the end of the half. You can use this to wind down the clock while still leaving enough time for a final play or two when you are on offense.

4) Report on Multiple Teams – This new feature allows you to select multiple teams and then run reports on all of those teams. This will be a great time-saver for commissioners who often need to run statistical reports for all of the teams in a league.

5) Rule Change – We now allow 3rd and 4th Wide Receivers to be double-teamed by the OLB on his side of the field. 

6) Rule Change – When using the Draft League Defensive Cards, if a pass completion to a double-teamed player is being overridden to be an incomplete pass due to the double-team, and the pass would go for negative yardage, then don’t override the completion – let it stand as-is since the negative yardage play is worse than the completion. 

7) UPnP Support – An option has been added to use Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) if it is available with your router. 

8) Game Lobby – Ignore Lists have been added to the Game Lobby.

9) Game Lobby – An indicator has been added to the Game Lobby that shows which people have started playing a game (their Game Lobby is inactive while playing the game).

10) Computer Manager – You can now change whether or not the computer manager is in control of each team during a game. Note: this feature is disabled for email leagues.

11) Exhausted RBs will get Injured – An option has been added that forces exhausted running backs to get injured. Please see the Game Rules dialog for more information.

12) League Schedule Report – Has been improved to separate out the schedule into weekly sections for easier use.

13) New Additional Players Added – There have been a number of new additional players added to various seasons. Please see the list below.

14) Universal Comuter Manager – Include with this version’s computer managers (CMs) is a new Offensive Universal CM "NFLed_universalCM_O.mgr" which is designed for those who would like to easily customize a CM for draft or stock team play.

15) Support for New Seasons – Support for the 2009 and 1959 seasons has been added to the Pro game.


1) When a game ended as a tie the standings would give one team a win and the other team a loss.

2) After completing a manual game when the computer is autoplaying the rest of the schedule the game would show the scores of the other games but it wasn’t including overtime results in that display.

3) In the rare event that the kicking team had multiple consecutive penalties that backed it up inside their 5-yard line another penalty could cause it to start kicking from the end-zone (instead of using half-the-distance penalty rules).

4) A bug has been fixed in the College game that prevented some playoff league games from starting.

5) Starting Quarterbacks would sometimes not use the QB specified in the QBS file.

6) Drive Chart Fixes

  • False Start penalties where counting as plays in the Drive Chart – this has been fixed.

  • The yardage at the end of a half or the end of a game was wrong.

  • The yardage gained on fumbled kicked returns was wrong.

  • College Overtime was adding time of possession for the plays, but this should not be counted. Also the possession section now says "OT" instead of a period.

  • The kick following a safety was not being reported correctly.


The following new additional players are included with V10. To use these players you’ll need to reinstall the season and then create a new league.:

1966 Additional Players added:

Atlanta – Steve Sloan, QB, Angie Coia, WR

Baltimore – Neal Petties, WR

Boston – Ellis E. Johnson, WR

Buffalo – Pete Mills, WR

Chicago -Charlie Bivins, TE

Cleveland – Clifton McNeil, WR

Denver -Mickey Slaughter, QB

Detroit -Willie Walker WR

Green Bay – Bob Long, WR, Allen Brown TE

Kansas City – Johnny Robinson (as a WR)

Los Angeles – Bucky Pope, WR

Minnesota – Ron Vander Kelen, QB

New York (A) – Curley Johnson (as a TE) and Sammy Weir WR

New York (N) -Tom Kennedy, QB

Philadelphia – Jack Concannon, QB

Pittsburgh – George Izo, QB

San Diego – Bud Whitehead (as a WR)

St. Louis – Jim Hart QB, Roy Shivers (as a WR)

Washington – Jim Avery, TE

1972 Additional Players added:

Atlanta – Willie Belton (as a RB)

Buffalo – Mike Taliaferro, QB

Chicago – Gary Kosins, RB

Cincinnati – Mike Kelly, TE

Cleveland – Billy LeFear, RB

Dallas – Billy Truax, TE

Denver – Clem Turner, RB

Detroit – Nick Eddy, RB, John Hilton, TE

Green Bay – Dave Davis, WR, Dave Kopay, RB

Houston – Ed Baker, QB

New Orleans – Arthur Green, RB

New York (A) – Hank Bjorklund, RB

New York (N) – Bobby Duhon, RB, Joe Morrison, WR/RB

Oakland – George Blanda (as a QB), Don Highsmith, RB

Philadelphia – Tom Bailey, RB

Pittsburgh – Warren Bankston, TE/RB

San Francisco – Terry Beasley, WR, Doug Cunningham, RB

Washington – George Nock, RB

1983 Additional Players added:

Denver – Clint Sampson, WR, and Riley Odoms, TE

Houston – Herkie Walls, WR

San Diego -Roger Carr, WR

1984 Additional Players added:

Buffalo – Robb Riddick, RB

Detroit – Pete Mandley, WR

Green Bay – Del Rodgers, RB, and Harlan Huckleby, RB

Indianapolis – Bernard Henry, WR

Miami -Andra Franklin, RB, and Joe Rose, TE

Minnesota – Joe Senser, TE

New Orleans – Tyrone Anthony, RB

Seattle – Zachary Dixon, RB

Washington – Jeff Moore, RB

1985 Additional Players added:

Kansas City – Jonathan Hayes, TE

Pittsburgh – Todd Spencer, RB

Seattle – John A. Williams, RB


You will need to reinstall all of the following seasons that you are using:

1957 WAN Lavern Torgeson changed name to LaVern Torgeson

1958 CCN Don Gillies changed name to Don Gillis 

1962 NYA Laverne Torczon changed name to LaVerne Torczon

1963 HOA Changed short pass 4 men in zone dice roll 2 to +15, 2-10, X,11-12 (Removed interception split)

1964 NYA Laverne Torczon changed name to LaVerne Torczon

1964 PIA Ron Stehouwer goes from RG to LG

1966 MIA Laverne Torczon changed name to LaVerne Torczon

1967 WAN Ray McDonald changed name to Ray D. McDonald

1969 NYA Jimmie L. Jones changed name to Jimmie Jones

1972 CNA Ernie Kellerman changed name to Ernie Kellermann

1972 CNA Ernie Kellerman changed name to Ernie Kellermann (as noted above)

1972 NYJ runners had fumbles keyed, despite no fumbles, this is okay for QBs but not runners – fixed McLain, Harkey, Boozer, Riggins, and added correct Bjorklund.

1972 OAA Long pass 1 man had auto interception split in seven, changed to 2-9 with auto on 12, same percentage allows 2 men to be correct. 

1972 Added longest gain to Mia receiver Otto Stowe (splits the same).

1972 Changed duplicate 12 spot SP yardage for Baltimore receiver Tom Reynolds.

1972 Changed duplicate 2 spot SP yardage for Cleveland receiver Chip Glass.

1972 Changed duplicate Sonny Jurgensen long pass DT result (4 spot).

1972 Changed duplicate 2 spot SP yardage for NY (N) receiver Bob Grim.

1972 Changed duplicate 12 spot SP yardage for Phil receiver Billy Walik.

1972 Changed duplicate 2 spot SP yardage for Phil receiver Harold Carmichael.

1972 Changed duplicate 2 spot SP yardage for Dallas receiver Ron Sellers.

1972 Changed duplicate 3 spot SP yardage for Green Bay receiver Carroll Dale.

1972 Changed duplicate 11 spot SP yardage for Minnesota receiver Calvin Demery.

1972 Added longest gain to Chicago receiver Bob Wallace (splits the same).

1972 Changed duplicate 11 spot SP yardage for Chicago receiver Bob Wallace.

1972 Added longest gain to SF receiver Dick Witcher (same splits).

1972 Changed duplicate Bob Berry short pass result (4 spot).

1972 Changed duplicate 12 spot SP yardage for NO receiver Danny Abramowicz.

1972 Corrected running back block ratings for Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick, Emerson Boozer, Don McCauley, Josh Ashton, Franco Harris, Frenchy Fuqua, Bo Scott, Essex Johnson, O.J. Simpson, Fred Willis, Marv Hubbard, Charlie Smith, Clarence Davis, Ed Podolak, Mike Garrett, Charlie Evans, Donny Anderson, John Brockington, MacArthur Lane, Perry Williams, Oscar Reed, Dave Osborn, Jim Harrison, Mel Farr, Vic Washington, Larry Smith, Jim Bertelsen, and Bill Butler.

1973 BUA Ernie Kellerman changed name to Ernie Kellermann

1977 DEA Jim Jensen changed name to Jim D. Jensen

1979 DEA Jim Jensen changed name to Jim D. Jensen

1981 GBN Jim Jensen changed name to Jim D. Jensen

1983 SFN Jack Reynolds changed name to Hacksaw Reynolds

1983 CNA Jim M. Leclair (LB) changed name to Jim LeClair

1983 CLA Tom Deleone changed name to Tom DeLeone

1983 TBN Jim O’Bradovich changed name to Jim Obradovich

1983 TBN Steve Wilson changed name to Steven Wilson

1983 SLN Greg Lafleur changed name to Greg LaFleur

1983 DAN Billy Joe Dupree changed name to Billy Joe DuPree

1983 MIA Uwe Von Schamann changed name to Uwe von Schamann

1983 LAN Charles Dejurnett changed name to Charles DeJurnett

1983 LAN Dave Lewis changed name to Dave R. Lewis

1984 DEA James E. Wright changed name to James W. Wright

1984 KCA Deron Cherry goes from RCB to FS

1984 MIA Jim Jensen changed name to Jim C. Jensen              

1985 PIA Randy R Rasmussen changed name to Randy R. Rasmussen

1986 PIA Robin Cole goes from LILB to RILB

1986 MIA Jim Jensen changed name to Jim C. Jensen

1989 NEA Defense ER/FP changed 4 spot split to +15, 2-10 +5, 11-12           

1989 WAN Humphries QB WAN changed attempts to 10

1990 MIA Jim Jensen changed name to Jim C. Jensen

1990 BUA James E Williams changed name to James Earl Williams

1990 NON Demond Wilson changed name to Demond Winston

1990 SEA Darrin Miller changed name to Donald Miller

1991 MIA Jim Jensen changed name to Jim C. Jensen

1992 OAA Steve Smith changed name to Steve A. Smith

1992 SEA Andy Heck goes from LT to LG

1999 INA M.Barber goes from RLB to MLB

1999 NYA Anthony Pleasant goes from RT to RE

2000 MNN Moe WIlliams changed name to Moe WIlliams

2005 LAN Dejuan Groce changed name to DeJuan Groce

2005 HOA Texans J. Fred Weary changed name to Fred Weary

2006 CHN deleted Anthony Adams (still on 2006 49ers)

2006 DAN Quarter Back changed name to Drew Bledsoe

2006 NYN Half Back changed name to Tiki Barber

2006 DEN deleted Travis Fisher (still on 2006 Rams)

2007 SFN Michael L. Lewis (KR) changed name to Michael Lewis

2007 SFN Michael Lewis (SS) changed name to Michael A. Lewis

2007 CNA Jonathan Joseph changed name to Johnathan Joseph

2007 KCA Patrick Thomas changed name to Pat W. Thomas

2007 NYN Steve Smith changed name to Steven Smith

2007 CAN Steven L. Smith changed name to Steve Smith

2007 WAN London Fletcher changed name to London Fletcher-Baker

2007 HOA Demarcus Faggins changed name to DeMarcus Faggins

2007 TEA Chris B. Brown changed name to Chris A. Brown

2008 CAN McCown QB added X to split on SP 11 GR

2008 DAN ST Kickoff #6 changed to "to 8 yd line".    

2008 WAN London Fletcher changed name to London Fletcher-Baker


* 1962 CMs (complete revision of offensive CMs from V6 versions)

* 1966 CMs (additional skill players for V10)

* 1972 CMs (additional skill players for V10)

* Revised Base Defensive CMs (44 revised for 1957-79 plus 1973 MIA)

* New Base Defensive CMs (4 new 3-4 variations for 1974-79)