Football Version 2015F Update Patch

Football Version 2015F Update Patch Is Now Available

An update patch is available for Strat-O-Matic Football 2015. All Football Windows Game users should download and install this patch immediately.
CLICK HERE to download and save the Version 2015F update patch to your computer. To install the update, simply double click on the file where you have saved it to.
The 2015F patch update addresses the following issues:
– The YAC feature was sometimes activating for runs with double reading results.
– The YAC feature was turned on by default. This caused a problem for leagues that were already in progress, as it forced YAC on with no way to disable it. YAC is now turned off by default.
– Code has been added in an attempt to make the Pass Rush Matchup random numbers display better on some systems that were experiencing problems.
– Andre Ellington (Ariz) fixed running card fumble readings on Off Tackle and End Run.
– *Christian Jones (Chi) outside linebacker added to roster. 
– *Justin Gilbert (Clev) defensive back added to roster.
– Chris Kirksey (Clev) position changed to ILB, was a DB.
– Denver Team Defense – changed LG reading in the long pass one man column to +31.
– Cam Newton (Car) – Changed Flat Pass Right #2 to "-2".
– The following QBs were missing their longest run touchdown dot: Kaepernick (SF), McCown(Tam), Dalton(Cin), Manziel (Clev).
*Players who were added to rosters will not appear in any existing leagues. You must create a new league in order to use these players.
– George Blanda (HOA) Long Pass Wrong #11 "I/2/x" was corrected to read "I/35/2/x".
– Paul Hynes on 1961 Dallas AFL has been replaced by Ed Bernet as Hynes appears on another team.