Get Ready for the Postseason with 3-Minute Baseball!

The 2011 MLB Playoffs are just days away! To get you ready for the postseason, this week’s 3-Minute Baseball features one of the most exciting playoff matchups from the past five years:

2006 NEW YORK vs. 2006 ST. LOUIS

The 2006 NLCS between the Mets and Cardinals was an epic series. To most people, 2006 was a true underdog story, with the 83-win Cardinals shocking the world and winning the pennant. Many Mets fans are still haunted to this day by the called third strike that Carlos Beltran took on a wicked curveball from Adam Wainwright to end the series.

However you choose to look back on ’06, this week’s 3-Minute Baseball gives you a chance to go back and have some fun with many of the key players from that classic series. Always wondered what it would be like if Beltran could get another at-bat against Wainwright? Here’s your chance!

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