Hockey 2016 Patch Now Available

Hockey Version 2016d Update Patch Now Available


An update patch is available for Version 2016 Hockey, all users should download and install the patch immediately.
Please click here to download and save the Version 2016d update patch to your computer. To install the update simply double click on the file where you have saved it to.
The 2016d patch update addresses the following issues:

– During faceoffs short-handed teams sometimes had an extra player on the ice which caused the wrong faceoff chart to be used.  When this happened the short-handed actions (such as skating and icing) were not being shown.

– The prompt to verify taking a timeout had a typo which as been fixed.  It now asks "Are you sure you want to take your timeout now?"

– A new link from the Help menu has been added to directly acccess the New Help File from within the program.  In addition clicking the Help button during the game will bring up the new help file.