Mark Your Calendars: Important Upcoming Dates at Strat-O



  • ·         December 15th: 2010 Baseball Ratings Preview will be released


Here it comes, the day you all are waiting for…. the preview release of the baseball fielding ratings.


  • ·         December 28th: Opening Day Registration/Product  Pickup Reservation Ordering    Begins         


All attendees must register for the 50th Anniversary Celebration/2011 Openi ng Day prior to the actual event.  Registration and/or product purchase information (for pick-up at the event) is available by phone only. To register and/or to order product to pick-up the day of the event, please call 1-800-645-3455 or 516-671-6566.  NOTE, YOU CANNOT ORDER ANY PRODUCTS ONLINE OR BY MAIL TO PICK-UP AT THE DAY OF THE EVENT.  YOU MUST CALL.  ALSO, PRODUCTS FOR PICK-UP MUST BE ORDERED DURING THIS SPECIAL REGISTRATION/PURCHASE WINDOW.  WE WILL NOT HAVE EXTRA PRODUCT ON HAND TO SELL THAT DAY, ONLY PRODUCTS THAT HAVE BEEN PRE-ORDERED. You must register and complete all purchases before February 8th.  Please note, no purchase is necessary for registration, but you must register to ensure your spot in the festivities.  For more information about all of these new products, please see our 2011 Upcoming Products Listing in the Strat-O-Wire on


  • ·         Early January: Release Of The New 2010 Baseball Ratings Book and Disk Download


            Exact date to be announced


  • ·         January 12th: Pre-ordering For All New Baseball Products (for shipment) Begins


Pre-ordering opens for all new baseball orders for shipment.  Please see our Upcoming Products Listing in the Strat-O Wire for more information.


  • ·         February 12th Opening Day/50th Anniversary Celebration


In New York City!