Individual Football Defensive Squares Coming This Summer

Strat-O-Matic will be unveiling new, individually customized Defensive Squares this summer with the release of the 2014 Football Cards.
The new Defensive Squares will include each player’s name, team name, position as well as his rating. The new Split Defensive Ratings will be on full display, with the first number indicating a pass defensive rating and the second number indicating a run defensive rating (the pass defensive rating will also be underlined). For each player who is rated at multiple positions, his square will feature the second position on the backside of the square.
While only starters will receive personalized Defensive Squares, each team’s defensive square sheet will feature five blank squares, allowing you to write-in your favorite reserve players or even make up a rating for the hottest rookies.
With the release of the new football products in August, the new Defensive Squares will be included with all 2014 football card sets and/or current edition games. The new Defensive Squares will be available for separate purchase as well.
Please note that the personalized Defensive Squares are new for this year, but will not be created for any of the upcoming classic season releases. The traditional green and red Defensive Squares and Marker sheets will continue to be packaged in all football board games.
See below for a sample new football Defensive Square (subject to change). The new Defensive Squares will be printed on perforated sheets similar to the ones used for the original Defensive Squares and Marker sheets.