Letter From Hal Richman, President

Welcome to the all-new, all-different strat-o-matic.com   We are thrilled you are here with us. As Strat-O-Matic approaches its 50th Anniversary in 2011, you will see many changes at our Company. All of this begins here, at strat-o-matic.com which is the center of the Strat-O experience. 

First, we have launched what we know will be a wonderful shopping experience on the site. We have employed the latest web technologies to give our customers an easy, seamless purchasing environment. Along with that, we have upgraded our relationship with our shipping partner, UPS, to offer a tracking feature with all of our products that are shipped.   Customers will now pay live-rate, actual shipping costs for goods sold. At the same time, we are happy to say that we have lowered our handling fee from $5 per order shipped to $2 per order shipped. In addition, we will continue to offer free email technical support for all of our products with a one business day turnaround.  Technical support via telephone will still be available for a nominal charge.

We are thrilled that strat-o-matic.com will be evolving into the community site online for our products and fans. Over the next few months, we will be launching many new features on the site including the Strat-O-Museum which will be an archival retrospective of the Company’s marketing publications, media coverage and history. Also, expect more content from the ultimate Strat-O-Fanatic, Glenn Guzzo, and other columnists and bloggers who will be added to our roster in the coming months. Finally, expect great other community features such as league registries, classifieds and other exciting programming to be announced.  

With the relaunch of strat-o-matic.com comes our bold, new, iconic look. You will see unified marketing and promotional campaigns taking the lead from our website’s look and feel. Off-line, check out our in-your-face new baseball and football board games boxes.

The new word at Strat-O is marketing. Our fans and customers will be seeing more releases from the Company regarding both our new partners and new products. We are thrilled to be in business with Sports Illustrated Kids and The Sporting News. Look for additional partners joining the Strat-O family soon. With the launch of the new strat-o-matic.com and new partnerships, expect many exciting promotions both on and off-line.

Internally, Strat-O is reorganizing the way we process our research which will lead to faster turnarounds of data in the seasons to come. This change in data research will enable us to grow our product line in unexpected, exciting ways. We look forward to announcing these changes as we get closer to this implementation. 

Finally, the Negro Leagues are here! Until just recently, significant statistical data was not available for developing a Strat-O-Matic Negro League card set. However, Scott Simkus, a Strat-O-Matic player for many years, telephoned me indicating he had accumulated over 3000 Negro League box scores.  Working with our research team at Strat-O-Matic, Simkus was able to breakdown these box scores uncovering statistical data never before revealed. Lefty-Righty breakdowns, fielding errors and so much more could now be statistically developed and form the basis of an amazing player card set.  I cannot say enough about this product. It is the greatest.


Thanks for joining us on this ride. Your fanatical enthusiasm for our products and your overall support for the vision that is Strat-O-Matic inspire us every day. We have been the leader in sports simulations on and off-line for forty-nine years. We look forward to continuing to produce the world’s greatest sports realism games over the next five decades. Seriously. Seriously Sports.

-Hal Richman





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