New Patch Available for Baseball 2017 (Updated 4/5/17)

 Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2017

An update patch is available for Baseball 2017, all users should download and install the Version 2017g update patch immediately. 

The 2017g Update Patch corrects the follwing issues:
1) Daily Draft Leagues were experiencing ID-193 Crashes.

2) Manual Entry for play results had a problem where if the secondary positions were not entered it would show weird results on the scoresheet.  That has been corrected.  Additionally, the two optional secondary fielding positions are now auto filled with "no fielder" so that you don’t need to make a selection for these fields in order to proceed.  Note that the game engine requires you to enter a primary fielder for outs.

3) 1872 – The on-base percentages and slugging averages on the cards were transposed.

4) 2016 – Alcides Escobar (KCA) had an injury on his card which has been removed.

5) Loc Files – The following missing ballpark .LOC files have been included (note: these were also separately distributed with the V2017-LOC patch):
BP063 (day and night) – Atlanta
BP069 (day) – Detroit
BP071 (night) – Houston
BP075 (night) – Pittsburgh
BP078 (day and night) – San Diego
BP091 (day and night) – St. Louis
BP092 (day and night) – New York (NL)
BP095 (night) – Fort Bragg (one game for Atlanta)
Please click here to download and save the Version 2017g update patch to your computer.
To install the update simply double click on the file where you have saved it to.