New Patch Available for Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2016 (UPDATED 5/12/16)

Patch Available for Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2016


A version "g" update patch is available for Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2016. All users should download and install the patch immediately. The update patch must be installed for Baseball Daily to work.
NOTE: the previously released version "e" and "f" patches are no longer supported. All users should upgrade to version "g". Users may update their game from either version d, e or f to version "g".

Click here to download and save the Version 2016g update patch to your computer.
To install the update, simply double click on the file where you have saved it to.
The 2016g patch update addresses the following issues:
Dynamically Updated Lineups. This feature will update your game’s lineups as new real-life information becomes available so that you can have the very latest lineups available when you play your games. There are three distinct points where new lineups become available and are updated: 
1- The initial lineups are determined based on the probable starters and the most recently used lineups for each team. 
2- About three or four hours prior to the start of each game, the teams announce their starting lineups. Once those announcements are made, our lineups are updated to include that information.
3- After the game officially starts, our lineups are updated to include any last-minute changes.
Finalized lineups are normally available in our game within five minutes of the real game’s start.
Plesae note that to load the latest lineups, you need to return to the League Manager’s main screen, click on the Daily League, download the next day’s daily data (if not already done), then use the File / New Scheduled dialog (or click the New Scheduled icon) to load the schedule of today’s games. At this point, the program will contact the server and download the very latest lineups for all games (you will see a notification at the bottom of the screen indicating this).
In concert with the above change, we now set the "Give Scheduled Days Off" feature on by default for Baseball Daily leagues.
1.) Batters were sometimes being injured on dice rolls that were located on the pitcher’s card.
2.) The new Help File can now be displayed by clicking the Help / New Help File menu item.
3.) Updating the Daily Data league was causing a duplicate league to be created instead of doing the update.
4.) The utilization percentage shown at the bottom of the screen when clicking on a player has been fixed for Daily Data leagues.
5.) The Team Stats Usage Report has also been fixed for Daily Data leagues.
6.) The Update League function has been fixed to prevent an update to the Daily Data league name.
7.) The Online Draft functions have been disabled for Daily Data leagues since these are not compatible features.
8.) The Lineups and Usage Options dialog has been updated so that "Primary" lineups must be used for Daily Data (this is a requirement).
9.) The Daily Data computer manager settings have been updated to use relievers more aggressively and to standardize other settings
1.) The Card Image was displaying the integrated ballpark effects incorrectly for certain pitchers when using the original pitcher’s hitting cards.  This problem did not effect the outcome of plays, it was a visual bug only.
2.) The Daily Data option has been fixed to correct a schedule problem with Opening Day.  If you have purchased this option you must apply this patch.
Jose Quintana (CHW) endurance rating (should be 6)
All pitcher running ratings were set at 10