New Strat-O-Matic Production Schedule

April 27, 2012

Effective this summer, Strat-O-Matic has modified its production schedule to better align with the start of the actual sports seasons. All new Pro Football products will now be released in early August, as opposed to the usual timeframe of early September. In addition, the projected release of the College Football Game is being moved up an entire month in the schedule as well. In order to facilitate these changes, the release of the new Hockey Products has been slotted in after the College Football Game. Under the revised production timeline, all new cards/season rosters for every sport will now be available before the start of each actual season.
Here is the new product release schedule for the rest of 2012:
Early August: New Pro Football Products
Late August: New College Football Windows Game
Late September: New Hockey Products
Late September: New Basketball Cards
Late October: New Basketball Windows Game
Please note: timeframes for release are an approximation and can be subject to change.