NOW AVAILABLE: Strat-O-Matic Baseball Lite 2015

Step up to the plate this season with
Strat-O-Matic Baseball Lite 2015!


  • Entry-level version of Strat-O-Matic Baseball for Windows
  • Manage any team from the 2014 season
  • Half the cost of the full Baseball Windows Game!
A great gift for Strat-O-Matic newbies or board game-only players looking to venture out and try our computer game!
ALSO AVAILABLE: STRAT-O-MATIC BASEBALL HALL OF FAME LITE 2015! Features all 250 players in the Baseball Hall of Fame, including this year’s inductees: Johnson, Martinez, Smoltz and Biggio!
Both Strat-O-Matic Baseball Lite 2015 and Strat-O-Matic Baseball HOF Lite 2015 are available via E-Delivery for your convenience.
CLICK HERE to download Baseball Lite 2015
CLICK HERE to download Baseball Hall of Fame Lite 2015