Patch 9.01b for Football Version 9.0

Football Version 9.01b Patch

and 2008 Season Fixes and Corrections

The following corrections should be made on the 2008 Season:

(Sea) Julius Jones Line Buck Wrong #12 should be Short Gain (was +15)
(Cin) Cedric Benson Line Buck Wrong #12 should be Short Gain (was +15)
(Dal) Tony Romo added receiver Long Pass Wrong #6
(SD) Billy Volek added receiver Flat Pass Right and Wrong #8 and #9
(GB) Flat Pass 0 men #10 should be +23 (was +2)
(Phil) DeSean Jackson had incorrect codes for opp punt returns #7, #8 and #12 (changed from rokr to ropr)
This problem is computer game only, the card is correct
(NYG) David Carr Short Pass Wrong #9 should be +13 (was incomplete)
(Cle) Long Pass 0 men #5 missing X after split
To download these data fixes (as well as some for other older rosters) please download the Version 9.01b  Update from our Patches page under Support.