The Talk Show – April 2014

Host: Glenn Guzzo
You can submit your question or insight on any Strat-O-Matic game to When you do, kindly include your name and town. Other gamers like to see that. And the display format below works better that way.
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Black and White and Played All Over
            Can you tell me if Strat is close to reprinting the 1962 baseball season, as it did the 1961 year? Second, which past season has the inside track? And third, why did the company print the 1973 cards, (basic) in black? Blue is far more colorful, and pleasing to the eye. The game company has done this in blue for many years, why change to black?
Phil, Passaic NJ
            Third answer first: For years, many gamers had requested black on white for easier reading due to more contrast. When Strat-O-Matic did so this time, comments were heavily favorable. Similarly, when I published STRAT FAN in the 1990s, many of our cards were black on white and we received nothing but thanks for that, with repeated comments about wishing the game company would do so.
            Your other questions are the most popular of all. All I can tell you now is that SOM is not ready to announce the next baseball classic-season release. I think we can deduce that, since the game company said sales of the updated 1961 were satisfactory, that 1962 will follow eventually – but no word yet on when.
Time-Honored Companion
            I am retired, now, so I can play a lot more. I have various projects in mind. I just bought The Cuban Stars and the Japanese 1973 season. SOM has so much variety that anything is possible with the baseball game. SOM has carried me through three divorces and innumerable moves – and you know how much a move can affect you. But there is my SOM computer and cards /dice always waiting for me to get me out of depression. There is not a better psychiatrist. Either a game with my beloved Yankees, Hall of Famers, Baseball Heroes or any season and I am happy. Thank you, Hal Richman, for SOM.
Orlando Leon, Live Oak, FL, SOM fan since 1967
            You have touched on something many can relate to, Orlando. I think all of us have tough times now and then with either work or personal lives. When one part of life is depressing, it’s life-saving to have the other to lean on. Those of us who have such a great hobby as Strat-O-Matic always have something to lift our spirits. Fortunately, I’ve never experienced divorce (20 years of marriage this year), but I’ve made six cross-country moves to unfamiliar cities and bigger new jobs that consume lots of attention. In those friendless early days following each move, Strat-O-Matic has always been there, loyal as any friend could be, filling lonely hours with creativity, thrills and imagination. For that matter, even after making new friends, Strat offers a very healthy change-of-pace to keep away the mental fatigue from overwork.
He Seeks, But Does Not See
            I’ve asked this question and can’t seem to get a response. Are the nameless players and the Federal League available for the Windows game? If yes, where can they be found? “Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”
Lou Saba, Batesville, MS
            The Federal League is included with purchases of the 1914 and/or 1915 Major League seasons. When you install either season, the Federal League seasons also appear. The same result applies to the Union Association, American Association, and Players League for the seasons they played. The Windows game doesn’t have nameless players. However, if you need to create additional players, go to the PLAYER menu on the main screen and drop down to CREATE NEW PLAYER.
Computer Seasons Tease This Board Gamer
            Thanks for answering my question.  Well sort of.  There are other hockey seasons near 78-79, 81-82, and 84-85 that have been redone and issued as 6-team sets with the non-carded teams and extra players available to be downloaded and printed.  Since all the work has already been done on these three seasons why can’t they be sold as downloads?

Bill Donnelly, Indio, CA
            I suppose they could be, Bill. And count me as one who would like to have them. But all of SOM’s sports have some computer-only seasons (that’s been the norm for classic pro basketball seasons). And once the company decided that the seasons you mention should be done that way, it has moved onto other seasons rather than do separate re-releases for these. I think there’s hope for what you ask, because SOM released a “six-pack” of 1972 NFL teams in card format after that season had been computer-only, and because there will come a time in the foreseeable future when there are no more hockey seasons left to be updated.
How Shiny Is it?
            Do you know if the new HOF set is glossy like the 2000 set, or regular stock like the 2010 set?
Sean MacNair
            Somewhere in between, Sean. Not glossy, but heavier card stock than usual.