The Talk Show – December 2013

Host: Glenn Guzzo
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Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find After All
Is there any talk about putting out additional Heroes cards? Did Strat-O-Matic consider that endeavor a success? Below are about 90 suggestions. I have heard of several people using the Hall of Fame & Heroes cards together as a draft, and of some great players that should have been included.
(The bold are some recently retired players who were not eligible for the original Heroes set.)
C – W. Cooper, Kling, McGuire, S. O’Neill, Posada, Varitek, Ivan Rodriguez, J. Wilson 
(I don’t think there were enough catchers represented in the first set from the first half of the 20th century)
1B – Buckner, Thome, Delgado, N. Cash
2B – Boone, Knoblauch, Myer, Lopes, Richardson
SS – Bowa, Campaneris, Garciaparra, Groat, McDougald, Peckinpaugh, Renteria, Marion, Vizquel
3B – Cey, Da. Evans, Clift, Elliott, Hack, C. Jones, Leach, Lowell, Ventura, M. Williams
LF – M. Alou, J. Carter, J. Gonzalez, M. Ramirez, Veach
CF – Damon, Edmonds, A. Jones, Lynn, Murcer, Otis, R. Smith, W. Davis
RF – Abreu, Colavito, V. Guererro, Justice, Sheffield, Strawberry
P – P. Martinez, Valenzuela, Bridges, Brecheen, Maglie, Pettitte, Phillippe, Raschi, Rowe, Stottlemyre, Trout, Trucks, Walters, D. Wells, Vaughn, 
RP – Abernathy, Perranoski, Benitez, Carroll, Wetteland, Wagner, Percival, Righetti, McDaniel, McMahon, Myers, Nen, Orosco, Isringhausen, Hoffman, Garber, Franco, Rivera, Marberry
Larry, Coral Springs, FL
            There’s no doubt that the Baseball Heroes set has been an artistic success, with many raves from gamers who own it. But we never really know whether to judge it a commercial success until it sells out, and it hasn’t yet. Additional Heroes could appear under two conditions, I suppose: The one you mention, a second Heroes set, or if a smaller Heroes supplement is needed. That could happen if/when SOM updates its Hall of Fame set to include the players now in the Hall who appeared in the current Heroes set. Practically, either possibility probably depends on the sell-out, or near sell-out, of the current Heroes set.
That ‘70s Game
As a Strat-O-Matic player since 1972, using the 1971 season cards, I am pleased that several of the 1970s seasons are being re-done in Super Advanced Format. So far we have 1971, 1975, 1977 and 1978. 1973 is coming so I am looking forward to seeing that MVP Reggie Jackson card and the Cy Young Tom Seaver card and the NL Champion Mets. That was the first year for the DH in the AL and there were many 20-game winners. I hope that other 1970s season will be done in the future. I remember those 1970s seasons well. Thank you Strat-O-Matic for bringing back baseball’s past!
Tom Nahigian, Pasadena, CA
            The recent updates for 1971, 1977 and the forthcoming 1973, show that SOM is satisfied with the sales of seasons from that period, so it’s reasonable to expect more. For many current gamers, that’s the era of their youth and most of the superstars from that era are in the Hall of Fame. It’s also a period with a very desirable balance of offense and pitching, unlike the pitcher-friendly period that preceded it and the slugging ‘90s.
Crazy for Colleges
I have questions regarding SOM College Football on the computer.
 — Has Strat thought about putting the ‘86-88 seasons they had for board game play onto a computer version?  If so, I imagine there would be obstacles in taking the team offensive cards and turning them into individual player cards.  I crave more of the older college football seasons and would love to see older seasons/teams done.
— Would Strat consider a set of Great College Teams II?  It could include some teams that were co-No. 1’s that didn’t make the first set, like ‘78 Alabama, ‘90 Georgia Tech, ‘91 Miami and ‘97 Nebraska to name a few.  It could also include teams like ‘84 BYU, ‘86 PSU and ‘75 Arizona State, all undefeated teams.  Would love to include ‘76 Rutgers, but that schedule was too soft.  A second 32-team set would make for a great tournament of 64 teams.
— Lastly, I would love to see when playing the college game the home team in their dark colors and the away team in away colors, white and the dominant color of the school.  I believe the Pro game has that as part of its programming. Strat could have fun with Oregon’s color scheme each game.
Henry Roman, Omaha, NE
            There is no end to terrific vintage college football teams that would be fun to play, and having more of them could diversify the school choices and the talent levels available for Strat play. In addition to the issue you mentioned concerning the ’86-88 teams, that was a different board-game format without the changes SOM has made since then in its pro game. Nonetheless, if SOM wanted to expand with focus on particular seasons, ’86-88 has the advantage of prior research that identified, for instance, which positions deserved the 0-4-5-6 ratings on offense and defense.
Flush with Royals
The St. Louis Cardinals were in the World Series again.  But Missouri’s other baseball team, the Royals, just came off of their best season in decades.  Starting pitchers James Shields and Ervin Santana had great years.  Closer Greg Holland was almost untouchable in the 9th inning.  Eric Hosmer had a breakout year.  Alex Gordon led the team with 20 home runs.  Salvador Perez was great at the plate and behind the plate.  Justin Maxwell hit one of the biggest home runs Kauffman Stadium has seen in years during the last home game of the season.  With all of these players, whose player card should Royals’ fans look forward to most?
Joe, Kansas City
            Well, that depends on what skills you admire most, but among the players you listed, I will be most eager to see Holland’s card and Perez’ defensive ratings. You didn’t even mention SS Alcides Escobar, a Gold Glove finalist. With a deep pitching staff, speed and fine defense, the Royals will be fun to play again.

The White (blank) Ryno
I have a 1994 Strat-O-Matic Baseball game with extra players. I bought the game in 1995 and put it away. The question I have: On the Ryne Sandberg card the name is missing. Was it never printed?
Al Ravotti
            Those were the bad old days when some players in various pro sports did not give permission for their names to be included when their player unions negotiated royalty rights with game companies. In Sandberg’s case, it may have been that he had just retired, which meant that the union no longer represented his rights and insisted that SOM not include the names of players without union representation.