Version 9 Computer Football Features


1) Game Lobby – Private messaging and Buddy Lists have been added to the Game Lobby.
2) Game Lobby – A "Challenge" feature has been added to the Game Lobby allowing you to issue a challenge for a game to the community. Anytime users log into the Game Lobby they will see your challenge and can respond to it if they wish to take you up on it.
3) Game Lobby Sounds – We now support separate sounds to indicate the following events in the Game Lobby: Arrival of a gamer in the lobby, arrival of a buddy in the lobby, arrival of an opponent in your game room, arrival of a private message, announcement of a new challenge. You can use our supplied sounds for these events or define your own sounds.
4) Game Lobby Preview – You can now see the Game Lobby from the Football Game Screen. A preview of the lobby is shown that lets you immediately see who is in the lobby and what challenges are currently available. This quick preview saves you from having to launch the entire lobby to determine if somebody is available to play.
5) Draft League Defense – The Draft League Defense Cards have been improved so that significantly more "Receiver" ratings now occur which makes the receivers have a more realistic value within draft leagues. Also a bit more "defender" chances now occur and fumble chances are now built into the cards so the original fumble system can be used.
6) QB Fumble Sacks and Receiver Fumbles – A new Team Rec/QB Fumble Ratings Adjustment chart has been included to more realistically distribute fumbles between QB sacks and receiver fumbles.
7) Interceptions – Interceptions are now optional on 4th down. When an interception is about to occur the defensive coach now has the option to have his player knock the ball down instead of intercepting it.
8) Visual Penalty Display – When a penalty occurs a message appears on the scoreboard and a picture of penalty displays on the field.
9) Visual Injury Display – Similarly, when an injury occurs notification is made via a message on the scoreboard.
10) College Football Clock – A new option has been added that supports the college football timing rule changes which were implemented starting with the 2008 season. Those rules make the college timing system very similar to the NFL timing system.
11) Encyclopedia – There is now an option switch for the encyclopedia that allows you to select DAO 3.6 or DAO 3.5. 
12) College Football Draft League Defense – The Draft League Defense Cards are now functional in the College Football Game. 
13) Incidental Facemask – An optional rule has been added to support the 2008 rule change that eliminated Incidental Facemask penalties.
14) Report formatting improved for the following reports: College Football Heisman Trophy Voting, College Football Polling, League Situation Yardage, Team by Team Scoring.
15) Support for New Seasons – Support for the 2008 and 1989 seasons has been added to the Pro game. Support for the 2008 season has been added to the College game.
1) Various music bugs have been corrected so that the scoring .wav sound now plays at the proper time.
2) When the dice animation was turned on the red dice never settled to show the numbers when the receiver split was rolled.
3) When Skinning was turned off the manual dice entry window was too small to see what was being entered.
You will need to reinstall all of the following seasons that you are using:
1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1990, 1991, and 1992
Numerous quarterbacks from these seasons were corrected so that the yardage for the first and second parts of their Flat Pass splits now match
A number of players were missing their "long dots" in their actual statistics
OAK QB Chon Gallegos needed to move "mr" readings on SP&LP #11 from Wrong to Right column
DAL TE Frank Clarke Tight End run block rating should be 4
ATL Team defense Off Tackle 0 LB #4, 2nd part of split reading should be 5
HOU TE Walt Arnold Tight End run block rating should be 4
CLE PK Matt Bahr longest range should be 33-41
CHI players did not have fumble totals for individual fumble system
1989 (changes shown are differences from original card set)
NYA QB Ken O’Brien added completions in 2-tmd column
ATL Marcus Cottom changed from (3*) to (3*)12
SEA Rufus Porter changed from (12*) to (3*)12
IND Eric Dickerson ER Keyed #4,#10,#11 changed to -1
A number of flat pass receiving columns were changed where the result was incomplete pass right but complete for negative yardage guessed wrong.
PHI Sav Rocca’s first name was incorrectly shown as "Save"