You Might Not Be Playing Enough Strat If…(Fan Edition)

GAMERS SAY: You MIGHT Not Be Playing Enough Strat If …
The first part of this article can be found here. We had some suggestions for symptoms of a Strat player who may not be playing enough Strat and we asked if there were other telltale signs. Here are some of your suggestions…
-You no longer need to wear your carpal tunnel braces on your dice rolling hand
Mike Kalinski
1 – You see a double play grounder at a Major League Park and immediately think "GBA"
2 – An outfielder leaps and misses a barely escaped Home Run and you think "At the wall chart"
3 – A football player injured means three of the same number were rolled on the three dice
4 – You accuse a Quarterback of underthrowing the "long pass" area
5 – You mentally draw a split-card during a Hockey game when a defenseman tries to intimidate a forward from entering deeper into the zone.
6 – You associate a Wild Pitch with a one or two being first thrown by the twenty side die.
7 – A goalie giving up a rebound shot makes you think an eight must’ve been rolled on the initial shot.
8 – Your list of wanted old-timer seasons, far exceeds your number of creditors
Ed G.
You have never had your cat play with your dice.
You have never started a dice collection.
You have never downloaded a fan created minor league season.
You have never watched a game on TV and looked up his Strat ratings. 
You have never mentioned Strat ratings on Yahoo comments. 
You don’t check the Strat website at least once daily.
You don’t check Ebay for Strat items several times daily.
You have never bid on an early 60’s original strat player card, team, or season.
You don’t follow Strat on Facebook or Twitter.
Brian Russell
— You don’t take responsibility for clearing the kitchen table every night
— Your wife doesn’t ask you who won the game
— You don’t log your statistics on the computer during work hours
Steve Jessup
1)      You don’t have a set at the cottage.
2)      You don’t cringe when, your team is 5 on 5 and after a shot you read: Goalie Rating +.
3)      When you don’t know what the Horseshoe symbol means.
4)      You keep your ace reliever in for 8 innings.
5)      You don’t remember the Orange Split Cards
6)      Your game box is still the Old Red One. (I love that box)
7)      You keep running O.J. with an automatic fumble on 5.
Gil Boissonneault