Why is my game asking for a Color Ballparks authorization?

During the initial game installation you may have selected the checkbox for Optional Color Ballparks. If so, this add-on product requires a separate purchase to activate and use. If you wish to have this feature you can purchase the Color Ballparks from Strat-O-Matic and you will receive a product code to unlock that feature.

If you do not wish to purchase the color ballparks you will need to remove those files to proceed. Unfortunately, there is no easy or automatic way to uninstall the color ballpark files. You need to do this manually by going to the CDROMBB game folder and opening up the DATA folder. This is where the ballpark files are installed. You will see a number of files with BP then a number like BP000. These are the black and white files – leave them alone. You will also see the color files which will have a D or an N after the name, for example BP000D or BP000N. These D and N files need to be deleted. Once they have been removed, you will not get the color stadium authorization request and the game will use the default black-and-white ballparks.