How do I get player photos into my game?

You can assign a picture to be used for a player either using the Picture button on the Player Notebook, or if you want to assign pictures to many players you can use the technique described here.

If you have set a player picture from the player notebook by pressing the Picture button, that picture will still be used and is saved in an ini file.  If this has not been set, then the program will look for a picture in the following formats and in the following order:

Ex. 2004 Donovan McNabb

1. 2004_McNabb_Donovan.bmp
2. McNabb_Donovan.bmp
3. quarterback.bmp (this is the default picture)

The pictures are to be placed in the graphics\pictures folder.  Each position has a default picture that is also located in this folder.  The file format and extension name should be .bmp.  Note: If you want to assign particular pictures for particular years you can create a folder underneath the graphics\pictures folder with the year name.  For example, make a folder called graphics\pictures\2005

and place the 2005 player pictures in that folder.  The game will search first the 2005 folder for the player picture.  If it can’t find it there then it will search the main graphics\pictures folder.

The program will change all non-alpha characters (including periods, quotes and spaces) to underscores before creating the file name to be searched for.   As an example, "Y.A. Tittle" becomes "Tittle_Y_A_".  Then the file extension (".bmp") is appended to determine the final name to be searched.  In this case it would be "Tittle_Y_A_.bmp".  As another example, Ed "Too Tall" Jones becomes "Jones_Ed__Too Tall_.bmp" (notice that there are 2 underscores after Ed, that’s because both the spaces and the quotes are changed to underscores).

1) Due to licensing restrictions pictures are not included.
2) The jpg format will only be searched for if building the yearbook, it cannot be used for the player notebook.  That is why we recommend using .bmp files for football player pictures.
3) All default pictures are located in the graphics\pictures folder
4) Case does not matter.