Can I activate products that I have on old floppy disks?

Yes, some products may be activated by product code or by one of our older floppy product disks. If this option is available, you will see a button labeled “Diskette Transfer” on the Authorization window. If you have a disk product, click the Diskette Transfer button and the game will prompt you to insert your floppy disk.

Note: If your floppy disks no longer work, or you have a computer with no floppy drive, then here is our Disk Exchange Policy:  If you have an old 3.5” season diskette that fails you can exchange it for a Product Code card for a $2 replacement fee, per diskette.  Mail back the diskette(s) and enclose $2 per diskette. We will ship back to you the replacement Product Code card(s).

As of 12/31/2010 this program has closed and we are no longer accepting disk exchanges