How do I get player photos into my game?

Player pictures can easily be assigned for each player.  These pictures can appear during  the game (see League Options), and will also appear in the player’s notebook.

To assign a player picture you simply need to place his picture in the appropriate folder:

For Skaters – put the pictures in Player\Players folder (located inside the game folder). For Goalies – put the pictures in the Player\Goalies folder.

The file name should have an underscore between the first and last name.  For example, a  picture for Shawn Bates could have the name: "Shawn_Bates.jpg"

For best results the player image should be 90 wide by 135 high or 100 wide by 150 high.  The file format and extension name should be .jpg or .bmp.  We recommend jpg format because this will save space on your hard drive,  especially if you are using a large number of player pictures.

In some cases you might have two players or two goalies with the same first and last name. In that case you can use the "alias.txt" file to allow for separate pictures for each player.  An example is shown in the "alias.txt" file that is shipped with the game.  Use an "S" in the first postion for skaters and a "G" in the first position for Goalies.

The program will strip all periods out of the names before creating the file name to be searched for.  As an example, "Martin St. Louis" has the period stripped out to make "Martin St Louis".  Then all spaces are converted to underscores to make "Martin_St_Louis". Then the file extension (".bmp" or ".jpg") is appended to determine the final name to be searched.  In this case it would be "Martin_St_Louis.bmp" or "Martin_St_Louis.jpg".  

Note: Due to licensing restrictions pictures are not included.