How do I get player photos into my game?

Player pictures can easily be assigned for each player.  These pictures can appear during  the game (see League Options), and will also appear in the player’s notebook.

To assign a player picture you simply need to place his picture in the appropriate folder:

Put the pictures in Players folder (located inside the game folder).

The file name should have an underscore between the first and last name.  For example, a  picture for Channing Frye could have the name: "Channing_Frye.jpg"

For best results the player image should be 90 wide by 140 high or 140 wide by 220 high.  The file format and extension name must be .jpg. 

You may want to have different pictures for players by year.  For example, you can create a folder called "2004" which would contain player pictures for the 2004-05 season.  If the program finds a matching picture in the 2004 folder for a player (who’s actual season was 2004-05) then it will use that picture.  Otherwise it will search the main Players folder for a matching picture.  If no picture is found for the player then the "default.jpg" image will be shown for him.

The program will replace all periods with underscores before creating the file name to be searched for.  As an example, "T.R. Dunn" becomes "T_R_ Dunn".  Then all spaces are converted to underscores to make "T_R__Dunn" (notice there are two undercores before the D). Then the ".jpg" file extension is appended to determine the final name to be searched.  In this case it would be "T_R__Dunn.jpg".  As another example, for "Linton Johnson III" the program will look for "Linton_Johnson_III.jpg".

Note: Due to licensing restrictions pictures are not included.