How do I create a Draft League?

1. Create a League.  This can be done with either the Create a League function or with the Duplicate League function.  You should use Create a League if you want all the teams in the draft league to use the same standardized team defensive card.  You should use Duplicate League if each team is going to have a real-life team’s defensive card.  If you use Duplicate League, then skip steps 2 through 5 since all the players and teams will be in the league already.

2. Use the “Create Team” function to copy the team from the “D” league into your new league.  You will need to provide a team name and other information about the new team you are creating with the copy function. 

3. Drag and drop players from the original league into your draft league.  This will place them in the free agency pool.  You can drag them from there onto any team you desire.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each team you wish to add to your draft league.

5. Generate computer managers for each team in your league.