The Buddy System: An Even Friendlier Game Lobby is Part of V9 Football,Hockey

The Buddy System

An Even Friendlier Game Lobby is part of V9 Football, Hockey
By Glenn Guzzo
            The increasingly popular Game Lobby feature in Strat-O-Matic’s computer games is getting easier to use in a variety of ways.
            New Game Lobby features for Version 9 of the computer football and hockey games should make the Game Lobby a more casual experience, but also more versatile. With the new ability to see the Game Lobby from the football game screen, it is more accessible than ever.
            Citing the ease of use, Strat-O-Matic’s Director of Development Bob Winberry said, “We think this will help attract new gamers, both the football game itself and to the Game Lobby.”
            Here are the highlights of the Version 9 improvements:
 You now can view the Game Lobby from the football game screen in what is called “Game Lobby Preview.” The preview lets you immediately see who is in the lobby and what challenges are currently available, thereby eliminating the need to launch the entire lobby to determine if somebody is available to play.
 A “Challenge” feature allows gamers to issue a challenge for a game to the entire computer-gaming community. Then, anytime users log into the Game Lobby they will see the available challenges and can respond to accept the challenge.
 Private messaging and Buddy Lists have been added to the Game Lobby.
 Making all this easier to use, distinct Game Lobby sounds will indicate a) arrival of a gamer in the lobby, b) arrival of a buddy in the lobby, c) arrival of an opponent in your game room, d) arrival of a private message, e) announcement of a new challenge.
 And if you don’t like the sounds Strat-O-Matic provides, you can customize them.
            First introduced for Strat-O-Matic Computer Football in Version 7, the Game Lobby always has been a convenient place to find a game, watch one and chat. But now gamers can get there assured that there are friends and opponents ready when you are.