How to Correct a False Positive Scan By Your Anti Virus Software

How to Correct a False Positive Scan By Your Anti Virus Software
A number of Strat-O-Matic users have reported odd errors and random crashes recently with our games. We have determined that some Anti-Virus programs (most notably McAfee) have been quarantining or removing Strat-O-Matic game files as a possible virus.
It seems that some SOM files, most commonly ACTMAN.DLL, have been scanning falsely as a "generic!artemis" virus or trojan. False generic virus readings have been a common problem recently affecting other programs, not just Strat-O-Matic.  We have double checked all of our programs and these are definitely false positive readings, there are no viruses or Trojans in our programs.
If you are experiencing any random crashes during autoplay, manual play or even netplay, you should examine your anti-virus program logs and make sure that no files from the game’s folder have been quarantined or removed. If they have, it is recommended that you restore those files from quarantine.
If you cannot track the quarantined files down we suggest shutting off your anti-virus program and then reinstalling the game with it off. When you turn your anti-virus program back on, if it tries to scan or quarantine any SOM files tell the program to either ignore the file, mark it as trusted or even create an exception to tell your anti-virus program to stop scanning the file in question.

If your anti-virus software is notifying you that it has flagged this virus during a scan do not quarantine or remove any SOM files. If your anti-virus software is not allowing you to manually take action on these falsely scanned files please contact the software manufacturer for directions on how to setup your software to do so.