Baseball Heroes II Cards

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Baseball Heroes II Cards
Include All Game Parts
  • 117 More Stars of the Past Based on Best 7 Seasons
  • Future Hall of Famers: Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones, Mariano Rivera, more
  • Good-Bye, Hello: Recently retired stars David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira
Full Summary

The first Baseball Heroes set of 117 player cards sold out fast, and ever since an encore set has been eagerly awaited. So act now to play these superstars against each other or in combination with such other Strat-O-Matic specialty sets as Baseball Heroes, Hall of Fame and Negro League Stars – sets of players all based on their best seven seasons.

Get the jump on such sure-fire future Hall of Famers as Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones and Mariano Rivera. Others from the all-time leader boards include Alex Rodriguez, Jim Thome, Trevor Hoffman and David Ortiz. Collect these versions of megstars Pudge Rodriguez, Vladimir Guerrero, Gary Sheffield and Roy Halladay and such ultra-popular players as Fernando Valenzuela, Rocky Colavito and Johnny Callison.

Create dream matchups, using players from different eras, franchises and leagues.

The set includes 117 cards, featuring statistics based on an average of each player’s best seven seasons.