VC Pack for Draft 2 Teams App

Full Summary

This product gives you Virtual Currency which you can use within the Draft 2 Teams App, available on the App Store or on Google Play.

Updated for 2021. Buy Packs, Draft Players, and Play Head-to-head with baseball fans everywhere!

The Strat-O-Matic Draft 2 Teams app is perfect for competitive Baseball players, and gives you the thrill of a ‘pick-up’ baseball game that plays in just minutes!

Create as many teams as you like using players from the current 2021 season and the All-Time Hall-of-Fame set! When you’re ready, create a game and find an opponent. Two players to a match, and both teams are merged in a draft pool. Once the clock starts, you both take turns live drafting the best team from the available player pool, a true test of strategy. Once the draft is done, the pressure is on as you set your lineup and pitching rotation.

Play Ball!

In a matter of seconds, the award winning Strat-O-Matic game engine plays an entire season – 162 Games! – and you’re right there in the action, fighting for the win!

Try to win cards from your opponent, or just play for fun. Chat with your Strat friends, and trash talk your opponents.

Players are updated daily to reflect their real performance in season, so your teams can get even more powerful as the real-life season unfolds. At the beginning of each real-life season, card ownerships (including Hall-of-Fame) are reset and the current season becomes available for purchase/use. So, to be clear, each year the game starts from scratch and players that you obtain during this year’s game are not retained in next year’s game.