Diamond Gems: 1970’s Series A Cards

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Diamond Gems: 1970's Series A Cards
Include All Game Parts
  • First ever 70’s great teams set
  • 27 cards per team updated to full Super Advanced
  • Exclusive booklet brings each team to life
Full Summary

For the first time ever, Strat-O-Matic is releasing a great teams set from the 1970’s. Diamond Gems 70’s is now available and brings back teams that have been sold out for a significant time.

In some ways these cards are even better than the originals, all will include 27 player cards per team (many were published with fewer) and will be updated to full Super-Advanced level.

Included with your purchase is a booklet highlighting each team’s season, roster, default lineup and rotation and ballpark/weather effects
Teams included in Diamond Gems 70’s:

1970 Baltimore

1972 Cincinnati

1974 Los Angeles (NL)

1975 Boston

1976 Philadelphia

1977 Kansas City*

1978 New York (AL)

1979 Pittsburgh

*Please Note that these teams are reprinted, they already were originally released with full Super Advanced features.