Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2024

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Ship CD

  • Remember The Alamo: Texas wins first World Series over Arizona
  • Show Me The Money: Ohtani gets record contract after MVP season
  • Let The Kids Play: Henderson and Carroll lead all rookies
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Our base Windows game package that includes everything you need to get started with the best baseball sim game ever. Each game version includes the most

Our base Windows game package that includes everything you need to get started with the best baseball sim game ever. Each game version includes the most currently completed season roster with your purchase. This game is based on the 2023 baseball season statistics.

New for Version 2024:

  • View Stats/Newspaper/Notes During Game – The ability to view stats reports and other information during league games has been added.  Using this feature, you will be able to view most league and team stats reports, the Newspaper Recap, and the Game Notes anytime during a manually played game.  However, please be aware that due to the extensive overhead involved, and the reliance on the availability of all league statistical data, this feature is not supported for Netplay Games or for leagues where games are played on multiple machines (such as Play-By-Mail Leagues or Cloud Hosted Leagues ).  In order to use this feature you will need to enable certain options and define the statistical reports you wish to view.  Please refer to the View Stats/Newspaper/Notes Help File topic for a complete list of restrictions and procedures to follow.
  • Create Playoff League This function has been improved so that it can automatically determine playoff teams for you.  If you are creating a playoff league for a Major League season replay the function will automatically select the proper option for that real-life season.  For example, if you are creating a playoff league for a 2023 season replay it will automatically select the top team in each division along with 3 Wild Cards in each subleague (for a total of 12 playoff teams).  Also, the function is smart enough to know if a tie-breaker game is necessary based upon the rules that were in effect during the year that you replayed.  If needed, it will direct you to first play that Wild Card game.  For seasons where ties are decided via rule instead of via tie-breaker games please refer to our Tie-Breaker Rules.  For non-MLB replays an appropriate default will be selected.  But you will always be able to choose another setting or manually select teams as you see  fit.  As a couple of examples, you can direct this function to select the “Top team in each Division, with no Wild Cards” or the “Top 8 Teams Overall”.  When you click Okay the requested teams become highlighted for you to review.  Another click of the Okay button will start the existing playoff league creation process.
  • Game Lineup Dialog – On Base and Slugging percentages have been add to the pre-game and in-game lineup dialog for all batters.  The percentages displayed are specifically against the opposing team’s pitcher so that you can easily compare all players vs. that pitcher.  The percentages are the same as shown when you use the Compare button on the Lineup screen.  The percentages include game time circumstances such as clutch-hitting situations or pitcher fatigue.  Note however that the percentages are the actual card count percentages and as such do not include any game-engine adjustments such as the Extreme Batter-Pitcher optional rule. 
  • Draft-O-Matic – Major improvements have been made to Draft-O-Matic that strengthen its drafting capabilities.  The teams that it drafts will now be more competitive against human-drafted teams.
  • Pitch Count  – If you use the Super-Advanced Fatigue & Pitch Count rule then pitch counts will now be stored in the player statistics game-by-game database.  This information will be displayed both in the Player Notebook and also in the Player Game Logs statistical report.
  • Team Misc/Sabermetric Report – This report now includes player WAR when displaying the full-season stats.  Please note that WAR is not available for Subsets, Multi-Team Players, encyclopedia reports and other variations of the Misc/Sabermetric statistics report.
  • Starter Schedule – Traded players who were previously displayed as “Not on Roster” on the Starter Schedule are now displaying properly for As-Played seasons with “schpit” text files.  The “schpit” text file files include the player names for all players (including traded players) so the data is being retrieved from those files.  You will see this improvement on the Starter Schedule tab of the Computer Manager as well in the team’s Schedule Report.
  • Computer Manager No-Hitter Logic – The computer manager logic has been improved to deter removal of a pitcher who has a no-hitter going.  This new logic will be activated if the pitcher has not allowed a hit or a run through at least 5 innings.  Note that the use of “Max Innings” and other Computer Manager Pitcher Settings can result in the pitcher’s removal.  Also, if the pitcher becomes tired or extremely fatigued while using the Pitch Count Rules then he will often be removed.  This will be a more common occurrence for recent seasons, where some starting pitchers throw very few pitches per game.  Such pitchers are often removed in real-life while throwing no-hitters.  For example, in 2022 there were 25 starting pitchers who were removed having thrown at least 7-innings of no-hit ball.
  • Ohtani Rule Lineup Improvements – When using the Ohtani Rule the following lineup dialog improvements have been made:
    • The Double-Duty player’s lineup position now says “DH” instead of “P”.
    • Substituting for the Double-Duty player in the lineup now will leave the Double-Duty player in as the pitcher in all cases.  Previously this would sometimes force the pitcher to also change.  However, according the MLB rule a player like Ohtani can have either of his roles (DH or Pitcher) substituted for and may still remain in the game at the other position.  For example, if you pinch-hit for Ohtani when he is due to bat (as the DH) Ohtani may still stay in the game and continue pitching.
    • Closed up a loop-hole that was allowing the DH lineup slot to be re-located when using the Ohtani Rule in some circumstances.  With this change once the game starts the DH lineup slot can never be altered, which is the MLB rule.
    • Prevented a certain rare sequence of events that could result in Ohtani being used in the game simultaneously as a pitcher and an outfielder.

Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2024 is necessary to play the the 2023, 1984, 2024 Hall of Fame, 1913 Negro Leagues and 1941 Negro Leagues

System Requirements: Requires Windows XP or higher (Note: older operating systems might work but will not officially be supported), 800 by 600 minimum screen resolution and an internet connection.

NOTE: Lo-Res Color Ballparks shown in screen shot are included with game purchase but Hi-Res Color Ballparks are an optional purchase.

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