2001-02 Hockey Game

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2001-02 Hockey Game

  • Detroit dominates season, playoffs
  • Carolina reaches finals for first time
  • Iginla leads with 52 goals, 96 points

This product includes all game parts.


Even strength: Though Detroit (116 points) clearly was the class of the league, teams 2-16 were a mere 10 points apart, and another five teams missed the playoffs by 8 points or fewer. Calgary’s Jarome Iginla was the league’s big scorer. Colorado’s Patrick Roy (1.94 GAA, 9 shutouts) was the top statistical goalie, although, in an oddity, Montreal’s Jose Theodore was the second team All-Star goalie, but also the league MVP and the Vezina Trophy winner.  


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1975-76 Hockey 6 Team Card Set
  • Rivals swap biggest stars: Phil Esposito for Ratelle, Park
  • Cup finals: Montreal wins record 58 (127 points), sweeps Philadelphia (118)
  • Boston (113 points), Buffalo (105), NY Isles (101), Chicago (82)