2020 Imagined Baseball Card Stats

2020 Imagined Baseball Card Stats

Below, you will find links to download the stats that we used to create the new 2020 Imagined season. This unique “Imagined” set is based both on the actual 2020 statistics, blended with projections for each player for the remaining 102 games. Gamers may find this set more suitable for a 162-game experience vs. the 60 game Current Edition set.

Each player will have the same “top-of-card” ratings for fielding, base running, pitcher endurance and such. The only exception are stolen base ratings, which have been created using the player’s new stolen base numbers. The body of each card will be based on the blended batting and pitching stats that, in many cases, will make players more strongly resemble the careers they have assembled prior to 2020.

To download the 2020 Imagined Batter Stats, click here

To download the 2020 Imagined Pitcher Stats, click here

Make sure to save or download the XLS file. Do not try to open it with your browser while online.

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