2020 NFL Thrills and Chills, Part II

By Glenn Guzzo

Here’s a brief summary of the highlights and lowlights of Strat-O-Matic’s new football ratings:



Oh Yeah!        1,000-yard rushing QB Jackson’s running is so scary good that the D may be

better off guessing Wrong when he throws downfield … Calling Run is

mandatory to stop RB Dobbins’ 48 chances of SG or better Wrong

Oh No!            No receivers w/max catches and only one LG … No 7 pass blockers still leaves

Jackson vulnerable Right on SP/LP


Oh Yeah!        Good run D with eight 6s and 5s will stifle with one of the 3-4 LBs in

correct zone

Oh No!            Will take a blitz for any sack chance

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Duvernay KR TD … +1/2/3 PR coverage … FG Tucker again superb

Oh No!            -5 penalty disadvantage



Oh Yeah!        Do-everything QB Allen is all grown up now and he has 3 deep threat WRs

(Diggs has max FP, SP + 2-tmd catches)

Oh No!            Guards undermine 7 pass block at C, OT


Oh Yeah!        A 6 and two 5s in secondary and a coverage 6 at MLB

Oh No!            Run D has 0s at RT, RE, both OLB

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        McKenzie #2 PR TD … Great punter Bojorquez – still 50 yds at #9

Oh No!            Bass only 2-8,12 on 30 yd FG



Oh Yeah!        Still looking …

Oh No!            It’s short passing for now w/Burrow, little receiver or pass-block help


Oh Yeah!        FS Bates (66)

Oh No!            Poor run D forces no fumbles … Woeful pass rush (six 0s and 3s start in front 7)

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Wilson KR TD … Punting and punt coverage

Oh No!            XP miss, some extra FG misses, too



Oh Yeah!        Shades of Jim Brown: Gotta love Chubb’s SG Right at #8 across the card to go

with 35 other SG or better Wrong … behind OL with two 6s, two 5s

Oh No!            Only Landry has max catches (SP only); only Peoples-Jones has LG


Oh Yeah!        Good run D has RE Garrett (6 w/1* sacks), two 5s up front

Oh No!            Heads UP! Very Poor pass D with 00 FS Sendejo (but 5s at CB)

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!

Oh No!            XP miss at 11 AND 12 … Weak FG

Main kick returners good at running into tacklers …

Meanwhile: +40/28/long gain on KR coverage



Oh Yeah!        LT Bolles (7,6) … WRs Jeudy, Patrick, Hamler can fly …

Oh No!            … but QB Lock often finds that foes hold onto his passes better than his mates … 0 run block at C, both OT, BB.


Oh Yeah!        Coverage at both safeties, both ILB

Oh No!            Run D forces no fumbles

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Spencer PR TD … All KO’s to goal line or deeper … McManus Best FG in set

w/2-8 good to 58 yds and max Good ratings to 49 yds

Oh No!            … but may be run back anyway: +36/29/long gain … XP miss 10-12 – OUCH …

blocked punt and +21/14/long gain PR coverage



Oh Yeah!        Watson’s All-Pro-quality passer card and exciting downfield WR targets

Fuller (max LP, SP), Cooks (max SP)

Oh No!            Interior OL: Ole’ pass blocking and all 0s run blocking


Oh Yeah!        LE Watt (6)

Oh No!            Very Poor pass D w/NO blanks SP 3 Men and 13 of 18 catch chances 4 Men …

Your 3-4 must become a 4-3 (or 6-1) in this Poor run D w/SG at #7 AND #8

w/0 OLB on all runs

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Anger’s punting – still 45 yds at #9

Oh No!            XP miss at 11 AND 12



Oh Yeah!        LG Nelson (7,6) leads pass block with three 7s, two 5s and run block with

three 6s, two 5s

Oh No!            Rivers’ passes are not in good hands w/this receiving corps


Oh Yeah!        Are Bubba Smith and Big Daddy Lipscomb still here in this smothering,

Excellent run D? … No, it’s RLB Leonard (66), LT Buckner (6 w/11 pass rush)

Oh No!            0 LCB Ya-Sin

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Rodgers KR TD and more good returns

Oh No!            19 KO’s short of EZ w/LG in coverage … blocked punt



Oh Yeah!        For such a bad team, there’s Robinson’s inside running, passable QB Minshew

and breakout year for WR Chark …

Oh No!            … But with these teammates Chark often will be 2-tmd … run block 0 at LG, LT


Oh Yeah!        RLB Jack (56) is as good as it gets here

Oh No!            Generous yards, no fumbles in Poor run D …

Five 0s in back 7 coverage with a 1 and two 0s for pass rush on DL

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Cole PR TD on #3 … +10/11/12 KO coverage; +7/4/3 PR coverage

Oh No!            XP miss on 11 AND 12 … FG Good only 2-9,12 at 20 yds (but 2-7 Good
to 59 yds)



Oh Yeah!        The Special Ops of NFL Offense: Mahomes is an assassin passer w/three 7s for

pass block; WR Hill, TE Kelce will terrorize with max catches, 2-tm catches, big

gains; minimum RB fumbles, INTs, too

Oh No!            Receiver and QB fumble 1-4


Oh Yeah!        FS Mathieu (66), 6s at both DT

Oh No!            Few turnovers and six starters have at least one 4

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Pringle KR TD on #3, Hardman PR TD

Oh No!            XP miss at 11 AND 12 … LG on KR coverage



Oh Yeah!        TE Waller is a force; WR Agholor can torch with LP +85 and LGs

Oh No!            +72 and LGs for Ruggs, but drops make him much more miss than hit


Oh Yeah!        Still looking …

Oh No!            Poor run D and pass D w/no fumbles, scarce INTs, no 6s, weak pass rush

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        No TD, but PR Renfrow gets more yardage than most

Oh No!            XP miss … No big worries, but no big wow’s, either





Oh Yeah!        Max FP/SP catches for WR Allen, LP for WR Williams … A 7 and five 5s in

pass block

Oh No!            All 0s for run block from RG to LT and BB … 100 catches yet only 5-10 LP combos for Allen with 28 long


Oh Yeah!        LE Bosa (6 w/8 pass rush), MLB Perryman (56)

Oh No!            Poor pass D and run D w/no fumbles, LG-heavy LP, and SGs at #7 for all runs

w/0 LB

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        When he gets it away, P Long is 50+ yds 2-5

Oh No!            XP miss on 11 AND 12 … blocked punt … LG on KO and punt coverage





Oh Yeah!        Gesicki one of top TE receiving threats … Fitz is much better passer than starter

Tua – but everyone other than Dolphins brass knew that, right?

Oh No!            Longest gain for 3 main WRs: 31 … Front six run block: four 0s, two 4s


Oh Yeah!        Better-than-most INTs thanks to LCB Howard (6)

Oh No!            SG at #7,8 OT w/0 LB

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Grant PR TD … Mistake-free punting and XP (not many teams can say that) …

FG Good 2-7, 11, 12 to 56 yds … +10/11/12 KO coverage

Oh No!            LG on punt coverage



Oh Yeah!        RBs Williams, Michel will live off their SG Right and strong run blockers

with this pass offense

Oh No!            Whose side are you on? Fair question for Newton w/diminished running,

blank-heavy passing … With no Brady to make the receivers look better,

only 6-game WR Edelman can represent.


Oh Yeah!        High INTs in Good to Excellent pass D w/RCB Gilmore (6)

Oh No!            Generous yds, no fumbles, no 5s in front 7 for this Poor run D

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Olszewski PR TD on #3 … Deep punting (still 50 yds at #7), +6/5/3 coverage

Oh No!            XP miss at 11 AND 12



Oh Yeah!        Minimum RB fumbles

Oh No!            QB Darnold misfires often and receiver cards prove it wasn’t all his fault …

Poor OL, too (0 run block at RG, RT, RE)


Oh Yeah!        Good run D relies on NT Fatukasi (6), RE Williams (5)

Oh No!            0 coverage at RCB, SS, ROLB

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Reliable P Mann

Oh No!            XP miss on 10-12! Yikes … Ficken among the worst FG kickers, too …

Fumble -5 for cowardly PR Berrios …

+30/27/39 KO coverage and +20/15/6 PR coverage





Oh Yeah!        WRs Johnson, Schuster-Smith help FP/SP and Claypool SP/LP …

C Pouncey (7,6) leads FIVE 7-rated pass blockers (and two 5s)

Oh No!            … but this meh Big Ben card needs all of that with lackluster RBs


Oh Yeah!        Good to Excellent pass D, especially when 66 FS Fitzpatrick stays home and

LOLB Watt (10* sacker), LE Tuitt (*1) and ROLB Dupree (11) rush things

Oh No!            The price of the blitz: All four LBs are 4s and 0s in coverage

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Best-in-set +5 penalty advantage … Strong punting and coverage

Oh No!            XP miss on 11 AND 12



Oh Yeah!        Oh, Henry! – +94 LB, LG on #9 ER and #11 OT (21 chances +21 or better) ….

catch-and-run WRs Brown, Davis

Oh No!            6-less run blocking has 4s at both OT


Oh Yeah!        NT Jones (6)

Oh No!            Catch-heavy Very Poor pass D w/LCB Borders (0) and touch-football pass rush

Special Teams:

Oh Yeah!        Brown #2 KR TD

Oh No!            XP miss, blocked punt … FG miss 9-11 at 20 yds!

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