Football Version 2023e Update Patch is Now Available to Download

Football Version 2023

The Version 2023e update Patch is now available. All users should download and install this Version 2023e Patch immediately.

Click here to download the Version e patch for Football Version 2023


The game would sometimes display the error message ‘Invalid Argument’ after the last play of the game, preventing the game from being finalized.

Note: If you already experienced this problem and are stuck then follow these steps:
1) After applying this patch run the Strat-O-Matic Football game.
2) Click the the league that is stuck to highlight it.
3) In the Saved Games section click the “_autosave.sof” game.
4) Click the “Launch” button.
5) You should now be able to finish out the game. If need-be take a QB Kneel-Down to proceed through the end-of-game processing.

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