A Letter From Hal Richman

To The Strat-O-Matic Community,

First, I want to thank all Strat-O-Matic gamers for such a great 60th anniversary year.

And 2022- we’re ready for you! For the second consecutive year, we are producing two classic seasons in addition to the current 2021 season for Board and Windows:

  • the 1947 season, celebrating the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut.
  • the 1986 season, now re-created to include all current Super Advanced features. 

Also, look out for two new Diamond Gems card sets: 1960’s Series A and 1960’s Series B. New Windows products will include the 1906, 1921, 1932 and 1950 Negro League Seasons, the 2022 Career Historical update, and Hall of Fame 2022.

Strat-O-Matic 365 gamers can expect the 2021 season and more new player sets on a rotating basis.

Finally, look for other exciting announcements throughout 2022 as well!

While Strat-O-Matic Opening Day each February has been a long-standing tradition, with the COVID-19 crisis still here, we are unable to commemorate this celebration when our products are released this year. There will be no pick-ups from our headquarters in Glen Head until two weeks after orders start shipping. We encourage everyone to purchase via our website for delivery. However, if you must pick-up your products, we will allow customers at our headquarters starting March 7th.

Here are some important dates for this Baseball Pre-Order and Release Season:

  • January 26th: Pre-orders begin.
  • February 18th: New Baseball Products begin to ship. New Windows Products released.
    Please note, Strat-O-Matic headquarters in Glen Head will be closed to the public, without exception, from 2/18/22 to 3/4/22.
  • March 7th: Pick-ups are available at the Strat-O-Matic headquarters in Glen Head. We strongly encourage all customers to order via our website for shipment of products this year.

Lastly, this year we want to hear from you through #MyStratLife. At the beginning of every month in 2022, we will share a new #MyStratLife theme on our Social Media platforms. We encourage all of you to share your #MyStratLife answer to that month’s theme in a short video to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Make sure to tag us in your video. One winner will be randomly selected each month and receive a $50 Strat-O-Matic gift card. I am getting it started soon with our first theme “What Does Strat-O-Matic Mean to Me?” Look for an email early in the New Year and announcements on our various social channels about #MyStratLife.

Thank you all for your continued enjoyment of Strat-O-Matic.

-Hal Richman

Chairman and Founder

6 Replies to “A Letter From Hal Richman”

  1. Michael says:

    I want to thank SOM Hal Richmond and staff on creating 1947 season one of my three requested seasons that I asked John Garcia for a few years ago -good job guys- one down two more to go

  2. BYRONFULK says:

    Thank you Hal. As an Astros fan I love seeing Mike Scott and that great 1986 team updated. As a baseball fan, can’t wait to see another great Ted Williams card, Great years from Spahn, Sain, Jansen, Blackwell, Branca and Feller, Harry Walker’s career year, any Stan Musial card, 51 homers from Kiner and Mize, 221 homers by the Giants, and, of course, Jackie’s debut! Strat continues to shine!

  3. william sorenson says:

    looking forward to the 60s gems, have the others along with HOF and Heroes. there are 7 teams in the playoffs only once. 69 Braves, 69 Mets, 68 Tigers, 67 Red Sox, 62 Giants, 61 Reds, 60 Pirates. desirable for me. there are 5 teams in the playoffs more than once. Orioles, Twins, Cardinals, Dodger, Yankees. Pick your season(s) up to 9 teams; and any wild cards that finished 2nd to fill out for 16 teams.

  4. tpdeharts says:

    I want to thank SOM Hal Richmond on creating a wonderful game been a lifetime hobby
    bout 50+ years n still going age 66 now and staff or maintaining great service the best yu can Happy New Year

  5. butch.haber says:

    2022 Marks My 50th Anniversary With Strat, As I Got Both My 1st Sets In 1972, Both With 1971 Baseball In The Summer Of 1972, (1st Year Of Lefty-Righty Advanced), And 1971 Football In The Fall Of 1972. 1947 Is A VERY Good Choice!! Other Good Choices Would Be 1915-16-17-18 From The Dead Ball Era With The Great Babe Ruth Pitching For GREAT Red Sox Teams, Legit White Sox Team In 1917, “Pete” Alexander For Phils In 1915, Cubs In 1918, Dodgers In 1916, Etc!! Also 1932, 1935, And 1930, (With Ball Park Factors), (Baker Bowl), Also 1950, (With Ball Park Factors), And 1952 To Round Out The 1950’s, And 1976, (With e Ratings, And Ball Parks Factors), Would Be Nice!! Thanks!! Happy New Year!! Replies?

  6. Albidone says:

    I can’t wait to see that 2021 Blue Jays’ offense! and this from a life long Red Sox fan, although I do work in Toronto

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