Baseball 365 Poll

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  1. blineimages says:

    love the quicker time option for waivers and frenzy and league start.
    would really like to see having a filter to review possible leagues to join—i.e. by topic, by salary, and by auto vs custom league—there are so many started leagues now

  2. denorien says:

    Change Ballpark just once.

  3. Aray0113 says:

    The option is already in place for Live Draft leagues to choose a ballpark up until 24 hours prior to a league starting, so there is no need to change anything.

  4. Morpheus says:

    Thank you for making improvements. The communication has improved dramatically, and it has made the game much more enjoyable. The launch of ATG 9 was the best yet (with the exception of the default set) and I have been around since the beginning.

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