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  1. mditka891 says:

    Is there any way scores could come 3 times a day? One AM, one game lunch time and one game in the evening. You want to get more traffic on your site this would do it. This gives teams a chance to make adjustments for injuries. Another thing we need MORE players. Maybe for every person you recruit you get a free team.

    1. bkr1974 says:

      That was my write-in thing on the survey, too. One game every 8 hours instead of 3 every 24. Love it!

  2. lakeviewdave says:

    Keeper league support would be interesting, and would like some input into that if that comes as an option. I run leagues now and have learned from others what works, what doesn’t work and have implemented those into my leagues. Also, if limiting super-relievers should also limit SPs and hitters as well, SPs with 40-41 starts and nearly 300 innings is not realistic, perhaps options when setting up leagues?

  3. drfreeze49 says:

    Try and check on questions that are asked of you in a timely manner… quick responses are important…

  4. heekin65 says:

    The ability to have 12-16 team leagues with wildcard playoffs aligned to the current playoff system– AL or NL exclusively.
    Keeper League support options!
    Revise the 70’s Game–based on player feedback and add a 70’s unleashed
    PLEASE– Roll out the new year cards earlier

  5. jcheney says:

    I play the Mystery sets & would love to see a new set. Either 2000-2010 or post war to 1960 would interest me.

  6. john says:

    add the new player cards that we vote on quickly

  7. bsolheim says:

    Unique backgrounds for your team page that you can customize.

  8. mikebarrett says:

    Improved game graphics

  9. jmtosi says:

    Thanks for asking.

  10. Long Island Sunrunners says:

    in game live play and making managerial changes live. Set times to play every night.

  11. Pesky Fan says:

    When it was available I was a Fanta-Sim player. One of the great features of FS was that a trade would change the year on the card. This would be a great feature in the mystery card sets… at present trading is rare, but would surly explode if the cards could be changed through trades…Henry

  12. jfrost58 says:

    HAL: Needs to follow player pref settings as close as possible.

  13. N Texas Widowmakers says:

    Enjoy the game.

    Thanks for providing it.

  14. paul8210 says:

    Pretty solid game (mystery leagues), guys. Congrats to all who make it possible.

    1) Require managers to not drop players until 10 calendar days have passed. A dropped player who has not accumulated meaningful history makes for a less fun challenge for managers wanting to make roster changes.
    2) Most of the 90’s players have the same hbp injury result. This makes it impossible to guess which card you have. The other leagues (60’s, 70’s, 80’s) do not seem to have this problem.

  15. mditka891 says:

    This is my 2nd note
    Please give us backup picks in each round in the automated draft. Atleast the first 5-10 picks. You want to put in for high priced players but you don’t want to end up with an inferior player.

  16. J-Pav says:

    Please import the 2006 season stats already.

    I’m a little worried about the squeaky wheel problem. Alternate lineups? No one cares except the one or two squeaky wheels. Don’t make the game unwieldy by over-customizing it.

  17. remason3 says:

    Why can’t bullpens function more like real-life staffs. Guys need and get days off. There should be some type of fatigue factor for pitching consecutive days. (Though maybe it could be very minor for pitchers who do it more successfully than others.)

  18. merkle08 says:

    Please prevent base stealers from attempting to steal 3rd base with no outs. Only exception should be if preferences are set for “very aggressive” base stealing. Thank you!

  19. paulekotz says:

    League 440151 has not filled for months. Can you put in some bots please?

    1. tdkearns says:

      Rookie leagues are fun for less serious players. But you make players ineligible for rookie leagues quickly. You would get more sales if you would make rookie leagues more available.

  20. hardesty says:

    In a league now where the best team has used Sutter in 69 of the first 114 games — making him among the league leaders in wins and strikeouts as well as saves.. This is going to eventually cause me to quit playing. I submit (1) Price superrelievers at $12-15 million AND (2) impose fatigue settings as soon as they reach 100 IP … ALSO: (much less important) would like computer to keep BA when RISP… would like to be able to designate players that I do not want removed from the lineup for a pinch-hitter or pinch-runner. … Also would love a wrinkle that would allow me to be aggressive in stealing 2nd base but not aggressive in stealing 3rd or home. … I think HAL attempts far too many thefts of home, and a bit too many thefts of third… thanks, abe hardesty (SOM player since May 1964).

    1. prjr says:

      good stuff but i believe there is already an option to not lift players for pinch runners or pinch hitters on the hitters pref page.

  21. jayhawk81 says:

    number one issue is re-mixing the mystery league cards. I play these almost exclusively, but it’s getting boring as i know these 100? players I’ll never use.

    Number two, I would play ATG leagues but they’re are WAY TOO MANY players to choose from. Just overwhelming.

    Want steal ratings aligned with individual seasons for mystery card sets.

  22. doug_tucker10 says:

    Nothing to add.

  23. Greg1234567 says:

    Love Strat-o, and have for years! And yes, please give rid of the super-relievers; it’s the one blemish on this game. Thanks for the survey.

  24. Orioles89 says:

    A breakdown of LOB (left on base) rather than just the team LOB total.

  25. JOHNBRUBAKER says:

    I enjoy the game a great deal. On players which have low particapation levels. I propose a computer game roster. Which excludes players with low innings and at bats.

  26. newsgame says:

    I’m baffled and frustrated anytime I play in a high-salary ATG8 league for the Barnstormers and such. No matter the ballpark, the highest-salaried, most-dominant pitchers – starters and relievers – get hammered. Bonds still hits 80 home runs, but Greg Maddux has a 6 ERA and walks 113 batters, Mariano has a 6 ERA. I understand rolls on the hitter’s card, but the disparity seems ridiculous and I’m not sure why.

  27. The Marshall says:

    My biggest issue is rolls. I played my first several seasons and never was over 50%…pitching or hitting. The AG8 game is hitter slanted for sure. I would like to see more realistic stats for the pitchers. I’ve not played long but feel it’s all about the money for you guys. Teams win championships that shouldn’t even be in the games. Then again…maybe this game wouldn’t exsist without lesser players winning sometimes. At the end of the day…it’s still the best experience out there!

  28. elpasopesos says:

    Thanks for this survey

  29. hackra says:

    I like that you are seeking feedback.
    Would like even more contact and conversation with the customers

  30. jawajedi says:

    Please bring back the single season online games, from 2001-2006. This was when I started playing Strat-O-Matic online and I really miss these seasons!

  31. Supersore says:

    I love this game and appreciate your interest in perfecting it.

  32. eric j. hall says:

    The ridiculous over use of super relievers has sapped much of the fun of this game. I used to play much more but have so reduced my teams because of this. In HOUSE OF GLANNY league we have rules to reduce the effects of this and it has prompted competition and fun. Anything that can be done to reduce the use of gimmicks to win games would be a positive. Again, I used to play up to 10-12 teams at a time but reduced my teams because of the super relievers. I hope you all will do something to solve this problem. Thank you

  33. Tom meeks says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide input. I don’t take advantage of and rarely use many of the features of the 365 game

  34. the ghost of roger maris says:

    keeperleague support is a must.

  35. terrificboss says:

    Certain players consistently perform well below their actual cards. I am not sure why there isn’t more of a variety.

  36. Agawak says:

    Keep up the good work
    Too many rookie leagues when I look up a league to join

  37. Aaron says:

    Before a 3 game set,I would like to be able to intentionally walk a “SPECIFIC” batter the opponent has….,such as a heavy impact card ex: (Matt Williams against lefties)…I would like to have my lefty starters be able to intentionally walk just that card when there is a base open…not a generic “intentionally walk batters more”


  38. nomo4evers says:

    Great to see this survey

  39. Gawgaped says:

    No changes really needed. It is good as it is.

  40. Outta Leftfield says:

    I suggest that a simple and direct way to limit super-relievers would be to cap reliever endurance ratings at R3.
    It’s really the R4 and R5 relievers who are causing the problem. Just cap all relievers at R3. And if that change proves insufficient, then cap relievers at R2. Inducing random injuries seems to me to be a much more awkward approach.

  41. joanus2447 says:

    Enjoy game just as is. Thanks!

  42. taxchiefs says:

    When a player gets dropped with a penalty, I suggest that his price is reduced to reflect the penalty. For example, if a $10.00 player gets dropped with a 10% penalty, the player’s new price is $9.00 for any team that wants to pick him up.

    1. tomaxe says:

      didn’t think about that..thats a good idea.

  43. gbrookes says:

    Add more mystery card sets, and add more player cards for the 1960s and 1970s (significant players that are missing from certain sets, especially infielders).

  44. rcf23 says:

    One post-season game a night. There is too much at stake, especially when there are injuries and you want the perfect lineup and strategy settings. One playoff game a night. Thank you.

  45. rcf23 says:

    Also agree with more new season sets. I would love to play 1983 or 1985 seasons. And what happened to 1986?, that was so much fun.

  46. kfv says:

    I vote NO on any player limits, it restricts the football game too. Just price accordingly.

  47. Badriders says:

    Thanks for this opportunity! Super relievers like Sutter – Wilhelm – Murray should be priced at 7.5mil to 9mil. Also, it would be great if there were more settings than advanced vs. standard. If leagues could be formed based on player rating.

  48. KKops99 says:

    In real life, most teams strengths, pitching or hitting, are compatible with their ballparks. I’ve never understood why you have to select a ballpark PRIOR to your auto draft. It makes more sense to select a ballpark after you see what kind of team you end up with.

  49. Mythical Birds says:

    Like JOANUS2447 I enjoy the game as it is. Thanks for seeking input though. I also appreciate your prompt responses when some issue arises.

  50. 1959elroy says:

    It would be nice if the manager could preset intentional walks to certain opposing players with first base open.

  51. rwad75 says:

    More realism. The way the makers of Strat-O intended. Having a bullpen guy(s) pitch 250 to 300 innings is ridiculous. And being able to pitch 5 innings one game and turn around and pitch another 3-4 innings the following game is not Strat-O baseball. That is a video game.

  52. Jimmy_C says:

    The game has always been fun. I think when contacting support it would be nice to get a message back within 24hrs even on weekends. Thanks.

  53. Dougout says:

    Having you folks check the community boards and reply to questions that are being asked, in a timely fashion, is very important. As for the game itself……in my opinion, fixing the super reliever problem in whatever way possible, should be priority numero uno. Thanks for taking the time to post this survey.

  54. prjr says:

    Allow individual settings for base running aggressiveness.

  55. prjr says:

    also allow us to see our rosters after we have entered a league but are waiting for it to fill.

  56. prjr says:

    i know super relievers are a problem but equally problematic are the outrageous offensive numbers. In my opinion that has a much greater effect on the game than the few super relievers.

  57. prjr says:

    oh yeah one more thing! lol ….playoff for top two teams in 6 team leagues

  58. paul8210 says:

    Mystery League
    1) When a player gets dropped use an algorithm to reset the mystery year.
    90% probability he retains the same year
    10% probability he is assigned a different year

    2)Do not allow drop of player until 10 days have passed since his acquisition. This allows a greater chance of meaningful history being accumulated for that player.

  59. unesid says:

    Thanks for soliciting feedback.

  60. dspeters5 says:

    Please EXPAND live draft capabilities. We used diamonddope all the time for a keeper league. That draft took a week for 12-14 rounds, then we went to autodraft. A live draft, even with a three hour clock has to go 25 rounds, takes forever. Can we have options to limit the rounds? I also have a live draft with a 200+ cap, that is fun and we can knock out in two hours on a Sunday. But this keeper league cap is 100, 110, 120 and 130. Much less motivation for a 25 round live draft.
    Please change injury ratings for those who played in strike seasons. Bagwell, Thomas, Matt Williams just to name a few. No way they should go down for 15 games. I agree with limiting relievers to F3, and R2, R3 at the most.

  61. Terry says:

    Have an option to not attempt to steal third.
    Realistic use of relievers. (I know it has been mentioned).

  62. paul8210 says:

    Add another pitching setting to allow the last remaining, rested starter/reliever not scheduled to start a game in the near future to enter the game in extra innings to avoid an “F0” (fully fatigued) from unnecessarily entering the game. This would be a bug fix.

  63. MikeDeVito says:

    Online Fantasy baseball and football leagues allow teams to download team logos that would be cool for strat.

  64. DaHummer says:

    A few things:
    1) RP and SP IP pitched is a real problem. You can easily get away with spending 15% of your budget on pitching and get a bunch of guys with 50 IP in real life and a super reliever or two and do just fine. I propose rather than augmenting them for ie S6 or R2 for example but you cap them to IP in real life then they begin a game fatigued with a higher probability of being injured. This seems like a no brainer especially with how much this issue is brought up on this forum.

    2) Same vein, playing guys with 100 AB for an entire season. They should progressively increase in injury rating once they exceed actual AB.

    Fixing both of these issues will push us further into the player pool and make us spend more money on subs.

    3) Ballpark singles should have a chance to become a double or triple or a in-the-parker.

    4) The SP* should not be able to pitch regular season on three days rest unless they are in the ATG set. SP* in modern leagues should need 4 days rest during regular season but have 3 day rest possible for playoffs. This is realistic and would still make them more valuable.

    5) Ballparks should be drafted. Rank all ballparks and distribute the same way the players are distributed with coinflips for ties.

    6) Playoff games should all be played at 1 game per day so lineups can be adjusted daily.

    7) Injuries – work great for hitters not so much for SP. I know there’s the advanced injury system but no one wants to use that for some reason. So you’ve got to make SP and RP get injured more frequently and for longer periods of time.

    8) I’ll echo the more mystery sets – particularly for the modern series. A 2014-2018 mystery set would be perfect!

    9) Lifetime stats for your account would be amazing. Lifetime ERA, etc…
    10) Thanks for a great game! I love it!


  65. paul8210 says:

    Concerning your recent HBP display enhancement, I prefer HBP count not be listed for mystery leagues. I do manual research for each game to identify if the player ever got HPB and possibly gain insight into the player’s mystery year. More work, of course, but, a possible competitive advantage over managers not willing to do the same research.

  66. bw2600 says:

    Give the option of choosing the ballpark after the team is selected. Raise price of super relievers.

  67. df1 says:

    I like the idea of picking your ballpark after the autodraft and the limiting of the super relievers. Nothing beats playing face to face but 365 is a close second11

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