Baseball Daily 2020 Startup Instructions

Baseball Daily 2020 Is Back!

Starting today (July 23rd), baseball gamers can start playing Baseball Daily along with the 2020 MLB season. However, because of the delayed MLB start this year due to Covid-19, there is an extra step users will need to take before they can use the Create Daily Data League menu function to get started…..

The starting league date for the 2020 season MUST be updated, there are two ways to do this –

  • If you are comfortable editing a file open up your Strat-O-Matic Baseball game install folder on your hard drive and find the sub-folder named DailyData. Inside the DailyData folder you will see a file named FirstDay. Open the FirstDay file and edit the month and day fields from 3/25 to 7/23 and leave the other fields as is. Save your changes and you are ready to go.
  • If you are not comfortable editing a file you can download an updated FirstDay file at the link below, save the new file that you download to C:\\Strat-O-Matic Baseball\DailyData to replace the original FirstDay file with the updated one.

Once you have updated your FirstDay file with either of the above methods you are ready to go. Open up your baseball game, go to the League menu and select Create Daily Data League to get started with the 2020 season!

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  1. Earl Christensen says:

    Will Daily use the new rules in place this year for extra innings play etc?

  2. Earl Christensen says:

    Will Daily implement the new rules MLB has done such as man on second in extra innings etc

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