Football Version 2019 Data Patch and Corrections


This is a data-only patch. The Football program will not be updated by this patch.


Joe Mixon (Cincinnati) has a loose correction card includes with all printed card sets. Use this loose card to replace the one on the Cincinnati sheets. The Mixon correction was already included in the original Windows 2019 release. 

Marvin Hall, Atlanta, Short Pass Wrong #8 s/b +14
Case Keenum, Denver, Rushing Stats s/b 26/93 3.6 avg
Matt Barkley, Buffalo, Int% s/b 0.0
T.J Jones, Detroit, YAC Rating should be E (NOTE: Jones is a computer only player)
Andy Dalton, Cincinnati, Must Run #2 s/b 21

Los Angeles (NFC) Short Pass 3 man #9 Int s/b 2-5
Los Angeles (NFC) Short Pass 4 man #9 Int s/b 2-6,11,12
Los Angeles (NFC) Long Pass 0 man #7 Int s/b 2-5,11,12
Los Angeles (NFC) Long Pass 1 man #7 Int s/b 2-8,12
New England Advanced Long Pass 1 Man column, #5 s/b +31, #11 s/b +30
New York (AFC) Advanced Long Pass 0 Man column, #5 s/b Defender X or LG
New York (NFC) Advanced Short Pass 3 Man column, #2 s/b +14 2-9/X 10-12

***Important: You must start a new league to have the following changes take effect!***
Changes for Buffalo:
Allen starts on 9/9 for Peterman.
Anderson starts on 10/21 and 10/29.
Anderson gets additional start on 11/4 for Peterman since Allen was injured at that time.

4 Replies to “Football Version 2019 Data Patch and Corrections”

  1. pete Bisiules says:

    For LP corrections on LA NFC, it states,
    Los Angeles (NFC) Long Pass 1 man #7 Int s/b 2-5,11,12
    Los Angeles (NFC) Long Pass 2 man #7 Int s/b 2-8,12

    Should that be 0 man and 1 man instead of 1 man and 2 man?

  2. Corey Atherton says:

    Where’s Ty Montgomery?

  3. michael phillips says:

    what about alshon Jeffery s/p at 7 completion rt or wrong phil

  4. DALEWEISER says:

    Is the 2018 Oakland pass blocking of 12*** correct? They let up the 5th most sacks in the league?

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