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2019 Baseball Poll

28 Replies to “New Baseball Gamer Survey”

  1. Roger O’Neal says:

    My answer that I play a modified basic board game version I want to explain: I use the Basic side of the cards. I do use the options of holding baserunners that take away stealing chances based on the catchers grades; I add 2 to baserunning with 2 outs, I use the A++ if I’m holding runner and they Don’t steal, changing a groundout into a single. And lastly I do use the hitters Bunt rating and advanced chart for sacrifices. I love your baseball board game, thank you so much for offering this game and these season cards annually.??❤️⚾️

  2. theironpenguin says:

    A 40+ year board gamer…love your past historic seasons, maybe more then the current ones…getting the feeling we may never see a new, never carded past season again, with time spent on baseball heros, diamond gems, japanese, cuban, negro leagues and pre 1900 seasons…?

    1. Jim Poole says:

      I agree with Iron Penguin. The historic seasons are attractive. . .as a solitaire player or sometimes face to face, it’s much easier to manager 16 teams than 30. Plus, my son and I purchased the Negro League All Star set and draft these fine players into the pre-integration seasons. My concern is that Strat doesn’t have a feel for what historic season will sell and what won’t. It always seems like a shot in the dark. What was the reason, for instance, of producing 1938 when the following season would have been Ted Williams’ rookie year? That said, I appreciate the historic seasons very much; my son and I are playing 1949 now.
      In any event, thanks for the fun. My first year was 1966, which I bought at age 15 the following year.
      NY Jim

  3. Gilbert Boucher says:

    I love Strat-O who would not ??? just one problem: I have Arenado at 3rd and Lindor at SS (as usual 1) but you give a 4 to Gennett to ruin my infield since Healy is a 4…I know it’s what they deserve…keep it up , my mother would be so happy to play Strat…thanks for that good time.

  4. Farrell Levine says:

    I love your game but I think you should add the occasional error on a popup. Also making it possible to have a game shortened due to rain after the 5th inning might be enticing.

    1. tpdeharts says:

      how bout 2 hour rain delay pitcher must be changed

  5. John says:

    I would like to see a franchise team set for baseball, and the re-release of the football franchise team set.

  6. Gerald Camire says:

    Maybe some all decade teams would be nice in baseball or football board games

  7. Jim says:

    The Card Viewer app needs to be available for Basic side of cards too. I would buy it if it were.

  8. Richard Ratschkowsky says:

    I find with your game way to many passed balls and wild pitches. They also seem to happen at the most inopportune times Not very realistic IMO.

  9. Steve Culen says:

    I really enjoy playing past seasons of Strat Baseball but why
    are there no cards available for seasons from the 1970’s. This is
    a great decade that is important as any other and I believe there is a market for all seasons from the 70’s in card form.

  10. Stephen McCarty says:

    As a board game player for over 40 years,I would like to see more older seasons carded.For example,a lot of us are Mickey Mantle fans and the only season that Mickey played that is not carded is 1952.Also,perhaps some other great Babe Ruth seasons(1921,1923,1928,1932) come to mind.Also,on the football defensive squares,why not add 5 substitute players instead of some blank squares?

  11. Johnny Frisco says:

    The baseball game is great. Been playing since 1968!
    But STRAT FOOTBALL is the greatest sports game ever invented!!

  12. Albert Tranghese says:

    I agree with John I would love to see franchise teams in baseball and football.

  13. testacey says:

    As someone who grew up playing Strat-O-Matic in the mid-1970’s, and still prefers the board game, I think it’s high time Strat-O-Matic released a couple of 1970’s Diamond Gems sets. 1971 Pittsburgh, 1972-4 Oakland, 1975-6 Cincinnati, 1977-8 New York Yankees, 1977-8 Los Angeles Dodgers, 1979 Baltimore, and 1979 Pittsburgh are just a few teams that come to mind. Hard to imagine that such a set (or two) wouldn’t be a big seller.

  14. Rich says:

    I have been playing Strat-OMatic baseball since 1969 when a friend’s older brother going off to college gave his Stray game and teams to my friend. My friend and I got hooked and continue to play to this day!

  15. john vallero says:

    I LOVE Strat-O have been playing since the early 60’s I buy the upgrade every year I started playing the board game and when the computer version of the game came out I switched over to that version I Love every feature your game has to offer there’s one feature I would like to have added to the computer version of the game if you think it would be something gamers would like that would be a Strat-O- Matic Hall of Fame for re-play seasons maybe it can be added into the encyclopedia as a separate feature you could come up with a formula on which each player would need to qualify for the Strat-O-Matic Hall of Fame

  16. David says:

    Have been enjoying your baseball game since 1962. Play computer game now. Excellent game! One improvement I would like to see is to have Hal change his pinch hitter if a specialist pitcher is brought in to face the first pinch hitter. Also like the before mentioned idea of errors on pop ups.

  17. Marie says:

    Have been playing baseball since 1962. Now play computer game. Would like to have Hal change his pinch hitter if I bring in a pitcher to face his first pinch hitter . Also liked the earlier idea of errors on pop ups.

  18. TOM says:

    Reduce fielding chances for high strikeout pitchers. As the frequency of strikeouts has increased historically the quality of the fielding team behind the pitchers should be LESS important. This is the one glaring deficiency in the design of the baseball game.

  19. William Ankeny says:

    Enjoyed playing Strat baseball in my twenties, purchasing season sets from 1970 to 1980. The only year I missed out on was the 1972 season, would love that you at Strat-O-Matic reissue team sets from the 1970’s, a decade of baseball I truly loved playing.

  20. Michael Tarzan O'Neill says:

    I play the super advanced board game; I have been playing since 1970. I love rolling the dice and using the cards! I’ve played the computer version , but it felt impersonal… I love baseball and I love Strat-o-Matrix: I even figure out what players cards will be before they come out and then I also adjust for predicted ballpark ratings based on the indices . Love it !

  21. Tom Vartanian says:

    I am so glad I have gotten back into Strat-o-matic. Rebuilding my inventory with baseball being first, but trying to stay current with football, basketball and hockey for now. I did try computer, but it’s not the same, love rolling the dice and using the cards. I do hope the 1962, 1952 and 1958 seasons are released again someday along with many of the 1970s seasons. Baseball is still the game I love the most. Thanks for a great game.

  22. Marie says:

    Looks like MLB is making rule changes for up coming seasons. One of the new rules changes will be to reduce mound visits from 6 to 5 pe game. This would not affect board games, but for us computer players perhaps we could be limited to 2 to 4 fatigue checks during the game. Less than 5 because that also counts player visits to the mound. Of course you can always check pitcher fatigue when he is on bench between innings. Great game would like to see the 62 season updated. Thanks for listening.

  23. GLENN W. REED says:


  24. rickcincy says:

    Please release an update of the 1930 season. I’ve played SOM baseball since 1962 and play a league of super teams featuring each player’s best year. Many player cards are from the 1930 “Year-of -the-Hitter ” and would be even more awesome with the Super Advanced features. Their fielding ratings also need a drastic revision from the elevated error numbers many were given.
    I’ve added a Hit Batter (HB) rating to each pitcher, using the 20-sided die. Dizzy Dean hit just six batters in 1934 in 311.2 innings. His HB rating is 3 and is used as a base to calculate the HB ratings of others. Chris Sale hit 14 batters in 2018 in 158 innings, just over twice the rate of Dean. Sale’s HB rating is 7. Sandy Koufax set the record in 1966 for the most innings (323) without hitting a batter. His HB is 0. If an HBP is thrown on a batter’s card, the 20-sided-die number must fall within the pitcher’s HB rating or no hit-by-pitch occurs and the dice are re-rolled. They never get a free base off of Koufax and rarely get one off the likes of a Dizzy Dean.

  25. Alan L. Dehn says:

    1970 would be nice in super advanced form. As a thurman Munson fan I would love that year recreated from basic form.

  26. tom bunker says:

    Playing since 12 yrs old in 1968. Have spread SOM in 3 different continents with Baseball traveling teams. New seasons: 1952 please, Also super advanced in the 70’s 80s’. The 1930 season super advanced. More of the late 30s (Ted ball games 1st year). I believe having a graphical interface option is the future for the company…at least having a simplified way to add pictures of the players, it would add another revenue stream as long as their is no infringement on MLB licensing.

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