Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2020 Survey

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  1. Earl Christensen says:

    Submitted survey 3 times hope it went through

  2. Albidone says:

    Closing in on 25,000th game…since 1975!


    I am hoping for the 1952 and 1956 seasons as these are the only 2 Mickey Mantle seasons not in super advanced.

    1. butch.haber says:

      Stephen, 1952 Season Was NEVER Created In ANY Form!! 1956 Is Not Sadv, But Was Created For Adv, And Basic, In 1982 Reply!!

  4. Earl Christensen says:

    Is Strat going to implement the new rules for 2020 such as extras inning man on second ?

    1. butch.haber says:

      GREAT Question!! Thanks, Earl !!

  5. albert p tranghese says:

    I hope Strat. Will look at all time franchises, and upgrading field boards for cards game players.

  6. richard says:

    I would like to see a 1950s Diamond Gems card set with world series teams 1950 Yankees, Phillies, 1952 Dodgers, Yankees, 1956 Yankees, Dodgers, 1958 Yankees, Braves

    1. butch.haber says:

      GREAT Idea, Richard!!

  7. william sorenson says:

    I would like to see rereleased in sadv 72, 74, 81, 85, 88. (Dodgers players played in spokane 69 70 71) Also want 75 76 95 96 97 98 2001. Long term goals. I really dislike the price gouging resellers and understand about business expenses with print runs and inventory taxes.

    1. butch.haber says:

      Amen, Bill !!

  8. butch.haber says:

    What Is The Correct Outfield Throwing Arm Rating For Negro League Diamond Gems 1938 K. C. Monarchs OF Chili Mayweather?

  9. naplesphil says:

    please use game board boxes when delivering products. sending season cards in big envelopes, is not only cheap, but it causes damages to the cards. people will pay a little extra for this. we buy your product for the quality it has shown during the years. lowering your standards is unbecoming of your company, and insulting to your customers. i have been purchasing strat since 1964. i expect better.
    passaic nj.

    1. butch.haber says:

      TRUE!! I Pick Up My Stuff At The Game Company, And I Still Prefer The Boxes To Eliminate The Damages You Are Talking About!!

  10. BYRONFULK says:

    1952 is top priority- completes 1948-present; next is 1947, followed by 1972. I’m currently replaying the Cleveland Indians franchise, in the middle of the 1954 season now!- Byron, Friendswood, TX (strat gamer since 1972)

    1. butch.haber says:

      1947 Is A GREAT Season, As Is 1952

  11. Eric says:

    I am hoping that in the next baseball Windows game you include two options to see the Major League stats for players. First option would be the actual stats from the shortened season; second option would be those stats adjusted to reflect what they would have been if the season has been the usual 162 games, calculated with the percentage of 162 games a player’s team actually played. And allow the game to use numbers from whichever option is chosen for the “control overusage option,” and the usage report under the statistics menu. Thanks, Eric Johns

  12. BYRONFULK says:

    Last year we found out on 12/5/19 that the next old updated season would be 1962. Today is 12/19/20 and still no announcement on this year’s older season. When will we get the news?- Byron

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