Strat-O-Matic To Donate 10% of Negro Leagues Sales to NLBM

Strat-O-Matic is honoring the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues with a variety of board and computer-game products and year-long contributions to the Negro League Baseball Museum in Kansas City.

Whenever gamers buy any of the Negro League games, card sets or rosters, Strat-O-Matic will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Negro League Baseball Museum. Strat-O-Matic will promote a special Negro Leagues Centennial tab on their website that hosts all the available Negro League products including the following special lineup:

 A first-ever Diamond Gems card set of eight great Negro League teams representing 1916 through 1945
 Card reprints of Strat-O-Matic’s sold-out Negro League Stars set (this one on standard card stock, in classic format)
 Three new Windows rosters for the 1915, 1938 and 1947 Negro League seasons, bringing the total number of seasons available through Strat-O-Matic to 22.

The Diamond Gems set showcases eight legendary franchises. Unlike Strat-O-Matic’s popular Negro League Stars set with players based on career statistics, this set features superstars in their single-season primes, dueling their rivals. The eight teams in this set span 30 years of Negro League play:

 1916 Chicago American Giants 88-62 … Rube Foster, Pete Hill, Pop Lloyd
 1922 Indianapolis ABCs 84-60 … Oscar Charleston, Biz Mackey, Ben Taylor
 1924 Hilldale Athletic Club 92-64 …Judy Johnson, Biz Mackey, Luis Santop, Nip Winters
 1931 Homestead Grays 89-55 … Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston, Jud Wilson, Smokey Joe Williams, Tubby Scales
 1936 Pittsburgh Crawfords 85-59 … Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston, Cool Papa Bell, Judy Johnson
 1938 KC Monarchs 98-58 … Willard Brown, Turkey Stearnes, Bullet Joe Rogan, Hilton Smith
 1944 Birmingham Black Barons 92-62 … Artie Wilson, Double Duty Radcliffe
 1945 Cleveland Buckeyes 91-63 … Sam Jethroe, Quincy Trouppe

This set has only been made possible due to the invaluable contributions of Len Durrant, Joe Moran, Ed Williams, Ken Wenger, Ken Zionce, and Gary Simonds. Led by Durrant, this team is responsible for the creation of the statistics and ratings that were used to create the eight single-season Negro Leagues teams carded (along with all the Windows Negro Leagues individual seasons). Durrant’s research has allowed gamers to play stars from 22 different seasons in Negro Leagues replays, tournaments, and Major League’s what-ifs? The eight newly designed Negro League teams differ slightly from their Windows Game counterparts. They have been re-created by Strat-O-Matic using the statistical input and ratings developed by the Durrant team in order to be printed for the board game. Durrant has also contributed the team descriptions that will be provided in the included booklet with the set.

Stay tuned throughout the year for more announcements regarding Strat-O-Matic’s celebration of the Negro Leagues Centennial.

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