21 Replies to “Follow The 2020 Baseball Season Simulation Here!”

  1. Sopranos says:

    how can i join

  2. joemaestro612 says:

    looking forward to some baseball.

  3. skiggykamiggy says:

    Phillies winning the East! Book it

  4. JGM says:

    Ready for baseball

  5. HVOGEL says:

    San Diego Padres I would have the following line up
    Fernando Tatis SS
    Eric Hosmer 1B
    Manny Machado 3B
    Framil Reves RF
    Hunter Renfros LF
    Wil Myers CF
    Greg Garcia 2B
    Austin Hedges C
    Eric Lauer P

  6. chipcobb says:

    Juiced! Curious though, are you guys doing this via the HAL-9000 (computer run) or good ol’ dice and card? I’d like to imagine John Garcia and Hal sitting down and rolling them out over some Bergers®.

    1. poohclark says:

      Chip, my adult son and I still adhere to the board game, with our Hall of Fame players!


    Can’t wait!
    Will there be a way to not only see results for each team but Opening Day rosters as well?

  8. Frank says:

    Can’t wait to see the results today!

  9. drewcat13 says:

    I downloaded the 2020 season for Stratomatic baseball and it is asking for me a product code. Does anyone know what that could be?

  10. butch.haber says:


  11. rwalktwo2 says:

    I am the Chaplain at a retirement community in West Philadelphia. As our residents are abiding by the social distancing protocol, a number of us are missing the baseball season. Through your response with Baseball 2020 Simulation I am able to announce the results daily and keep some degree of normalcy before us. As a community we thank you.

    1. poohclark says:

      Chaplain, isn’t this glorious?! God bless you and keep his shielding hand over your facility.

  12. Fireball22Roberts says:

    So who at Strat O Matic hates the Minnesota Twins? WTF? Oakland couldn’t sweep this Twins team if they brought back Catfish Hunter and Vida Blue.

    1. Dennis says:

      I agree! They finally won today. good grief.

      1. poohclark says:

        I hate to break it to you guys, but the A’s are for real this year. You want to talk about struggling? Take a look at my Yankees and Angels! Geeeeeez….

  13. diblock318 says:

    Who is making these rotations? The Mets have pitched
    deGrom, Stroman, Matz, Porcello and Wacha. They’ve all pitched well, but WHERE’S SYNDEGAARD? How does he not make the rotation?

  14. Eddythemetsfan says:

    My Mets are off to a terrible start

  15. poohclark says:

    What a Godsend! The board game of my youth, which I taught my son, and we still play to this day….thank you! I devour the daily simulation summaries and boxscores religiously; and pass them onto my like-minded childhood friends. You are a true glimmer of sunshine in these dark times!

  16. skostin says:

    What happened to the Yankees? Ugh!

  17. eztowing says:

    When will you add Aaron Judge to the Yankees roster? Surely he would be playing by now if the season was really underway.

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