14 Replies to “Follow The 2020 Baseball Season Simulation Here!”

  1. Sopranos says:

    how can i join

  2. joemaestro612 says:

    looking forward to some baseball.

  3. skiggykamiggy says:

    Phillies winning the East! Book it

  4. JGM says:

    Ready for baseball

  5. HVOGEL says:

    San Diego Padres I would have the following line up
    Fernando Tatis SS
    Eric Hosmer 1B
    Manny Machado 3B
    Framil Reves RF
    Hunter Renfros LF
    Wil Myers CF
    Greg Garcia 2B
    Austin Hedges C
    Eric Lauer P

  6. chipcobb says:

    Juiced! Curious though, are you guys doing this via the HAL-9000 (computer run) or good ol’ dice and card? I’d like to imagine John Garcia and Hal sitting down and rolling them out over some Bergers®.


    Can’t wait!
    Will there be a way to not only see results for each team but Opening Day rosters as well?

  8. Frank says:

    Can’t wait to see the results today!

  9. drewcat13 says:

    I downloaded the 2020 season for Stratomatic baseball and it is asking for me a product code. Does anyone know what that could be?

  10. butch.haber says:


  11. rwalktwo2 says:

    I am the Chaplain at a retirement community in West Philadelphia. As our residents are abiding by the social distancing protocol, a number of us are missing the baseball season. Through your response with Baseball 2020 Simulation I am able to announce the results daily and keep some degree of normalcy before us. As a community we thank you.

  12. Fireball22Roberts says:

    So who at Strat O Matic hates the Minnesota Twins? WTF? Oakland couldn’t sweep this Twins team if they brought back Catfish Hunter and Vida Blue.

    1. Dennis says:

      I agree! They finally won today. good grief.

  13. diblock318 says:

    Who is making these rotations? The Mets have pitched
    deGrom, Stroman, Matz, Porcello and Wacha. They’ve all pitched well, but WHERE’S SYNDEGAARD? How does he not make the rotation?

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