Update Patch 2022H now available to download for Baseball 2022

Version 2022H update Patch is now available. All users should download and install Version 2022H immediately. Baseball Daily users will need to download update Patch 2022H before they can play. This is a MANDATORY patch for Baseball Daily to work and will include changes of MLB rules for the 2022 season.

Click here to download the  H patch for Baseball Version 2022


1) In Daily Draft Leagues certain cards were disappearing starting on the 2nd day of the season that should have remained in the league. Examples include Miguel Castro and Jose Trevino of New York (AL), and Shohei Ohtani’s hitting card.

2) The default league options for Daily Data and Daily Draft leagues have been improved to turn on boxscores always, save subsets, etc.

3) When creating Daily Data and Daily Draft leagues the DH Rule was not turned on by default for the 2022 NL Teams.

4) The 3-BATTER MINIMUM RULE had a loophole in the EXCEPTION portion of the rule (related to bringing back a pitcher in-between innings who had not yet reached the minimum of 3-batters faced). The problem occurred if you did not immediately sub
for your pitcher at the start of the next inning but your opponent then pinch hit. In that case the game was still allowing you to remove your pitcher. The fix in this patch changes it so that if your opponent pinch-hits then your pitcher is no longer eligible to be removed (until he faces a minimum of 3 batters). So if you wish to remove him you must do so immediately after last out of the inning is made, before your opponent decides to pinch-hit or any other action takes place.

All fixes from the 2022F patch are included in the G patch. F/G Patch is no longer needed.


1) Pre-game substitutions were sometimes causing invalid lineups to be generated resulting in an Error 44 and a forced exit from the game.

2) The Daily Data feature has been updated to support the new starting date of the 2022 MLB season.

3) An additional case where Shohei Ohtani was tiring early has been identified and corrected. This variation of the problem would only occur occur after restoring a saved game.

4) The computer manager was pinch hitting for Ohtani too often when he was both DH and pitching.

5) When using manual entry mode singles were sometimes requiring a second-click of the default settings before the OK button. In addition, when selecting play results catcher was being set as a default fielder1 position even for plays where that does not make sense.

6) The “Playball” button in the lineup screen was sometimes enabled when a double-duty player was both the starting pitcher and in the lineup at another position when playing a non-DH game.

It typically takes months to properly test and mitigate problems with significant changes to the game code, so our policy is that we do not release MLB rule changes until the following year’s version of the game. However this year we are trying to give you a chance to experience some of the 2022 rule changes which will be especially useful if you use the 2022 Daily Data rosters. These rule changes will be officially supported next year with the release of Version 2023. In the meantime we invite you to try them out. If you do experience a bug while using these rules please create a Debug File and send it to us so that we can work on it as part of next year’s upgrade.

The 2022 MLB Season introduced a number of significant changes to the rules. Here is the list of rule changes included with the 2022g patch:

The “Ohtani Rule” – MLB has ammended the DH rules regarding starting pitchers who bat for themselves (thus also serving as the Designated Hitter). These changes are generally being referred to the “Ohtani Rule”. The main changes are:
A) If a player starts the game as both the pitcher and DH then during the course of the game he may be removed as the pitcher but remain in the game as the DH.
B) If a player who starts the game as both the pitcher and DH is pinch hit for he may remain in the game as the pitcher.

Eligible Pitchers – There is a hard limit of 13 pitchers who can be made eligible for a game when using the 2022 MLB rules (see exception in the next section).

Roster Size – MLB Rosters will be expanded from 26 to 28 eligible players between the start of the 2022 season until May 2nd, 2022. During this time period there will not be a hard limit of 13 eligible pitchers per team.

Extra Innings Baserunner Rule – This rule has been held over from last year. It will not be used by MLB during the 2022 playoffs.

7-Inning Double-Header Games – These have been eliminated for the 2022 season and they won’t be used in future seasons either.

The Universal DH rule – This can be instituted by simply using the League / Update League function, selecting the Team DH Settings tab, then clicking “All On” and clicking OK.

EXPANDED PLAYOFFS – 12 teams qualify for the playoffs. In each league each division winner qualifies. Amongst the remaining teams the top 3 qualify for a Wild Card spot.

In lieu of the former 1-game Wild Card playoff, the first round of the playoffs features all 12 teams. In each league the teams are ranked from 1 to 6 as follows:

-First, the 3 winning teams from each of the division, ranked by record.

-Second, the three Wild Card Teams, ranked by record.

Note: All ties are broken mathematically instead of playing tie-breaker games. The secondary tie-breakers that we use varies from MLB’s rules. Here are the rules we use:

Best Head-to-Head Record

Best Runs Differential (Runs scored – Runs against)

Total Runs Scored

Randomly selected via internal coin flip

The above rules have been accounted for in the League Standings. However, please note the following information regarding the Magic # column shown on the League Standings report:

“*WON*” – Used to designate a team that has clinched the best record in a Division.

Magic Numbers – The magic numbers shown in the Wild Card standings are the magic numbers to qualify for at least 3rd place.

“QUALIFY” – Used to designate a team that has qualified for one of the three playoff spots in a Wild Card race.

“CLINCH” – Used to designate a team that has clinched a particular playoff spot in the Wild Card race


1) When Shohei Othani started a game where the DH was being used he was tiring early in the game.

2) Under certain circumstances the game was allowing Ohtani to start the game as both a pitcher and as a position player. This was occurring when he was listed as the right-fielder in a preset lineup. This resulted in an error 44 and a forced exit from the game.

3) A memory leak caused by player pictures that were larger than the required 90×135 image size has been resolved. This problem was occurring when very large player pictures were being used. Using such images was resulting in the game running out of memory. In order to proceed after that happened the program had to be exited, restarted, and the saved game had to be restored. Note: The problems caused by these large pictures may have been noticed more often in Netplay as that mode of play requires additional memory to operate.

4) Install Rosters – The 1980 and 2019 Deluxe Season Rosters were mislabelled which made them hard to locate on the Install Rosters dialog.

5) Import League Options – This new feature was not importing the Max Rules when the rules were being imported.

6) League Record Book – The Outs Recorded section of this report was showing batter Game Scores instead of pitcher Outs Recorded.

7) An updated version of “Strat-O-Matic Baseball Features by Season.xlsx” is included with this patch.


* IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not see roster data fixes unless you completely reinstall the rosters using the League / Install Rosters function (this wipes out any in-progress seasons, so make sure you want to restart the season before doing this).

1947 – Gil Coan card corrected.

1981 World Series – Installed schpit file, Corrected all 6 game locations (i.e., the
home/away were flipped).

1986 – Willie Hernandez, DEA – Actual Ks were being displayed as “7” instead of “77”.

2020 World Series* – Replaced Pederson in LF with Pollock in the lup file for game 6, added a Readme file, made minor edits to the trn file.

2021 World Series* – Added a Readme file, made edits to bp codes.

* – NOTE: Both 2020 and 2021 had a player who did not play during the regular season but were used in the World Series. These players have no cards. The readme files discuss this and also discuss covid restrictions for each year.

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    Detroit Tigers Harold Castro played CF last year and his advanced card image lists CF-4 on his card. The computer game only lists him as having played LF. Can we assume that is a mistake and that he should have a CF rating in the computer game?

    1. ROBERTPOOGACH says:

      Under editing player, it does show Castro rated as a CF-4. However, if he plays RF in the game, he plays as a +1 defensive 5 from his LF rating rather than a straight defensive carryover 4 from his CF rating. Castro played and started 2 games in CF for the Tigers in 2021 while he played 3 games in LF, starting 1.

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