1955-56 Hockey Ratings Guide

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  • All the combos and card chances number crunching done for you
  • Available weeks before the new games comes out
  • Downloadable spreadsheet format for easy sorting
Full Summary


Prepare for your hockey draft now!

Strat-O-Matic is offering a downloadable Hockey Ratings spreadsheet that contains all of the information you will need to succeed in your league. Card combinations, ratings, stats, etc are all listed in the spreadsheet for every player in the card set! Here’s some highlights:

Player Ratings
Offense, Defense, Breakaway, Passing, Penalty, Intimidation, Skate, Faceoff, Box Assist

Card Combination Counts

OSGR-ES Even Strength Outside Shot Goalie Rating Chances
OSGC-ES Even Strength Outside Shot Goal Chances
ISGR-ES Even Strength Inside Shot Goalie Rating Chances
ISGC-ES Even Strength Inside Shot Goal Chances
RBGR-ES Even Strength Rebound/Breakaway Goalie Rating Chances
RBGC-ES Even Strength Rebound/Breakaway Goal Chances
OSGR-PP Power Play Outside Shot Goalie Rating Chances
OSGC-PP Power Play Outside Shot Goal Chances
ISGR-PP Power Play Inside Shot Goalie Rating Chances
ISGC-PP Power Play Inside Shot Goal Chances
RBGR-PP Power Play Rebound/Breakaway Goalie Rating Chances
RBGC-PP Power Play Rebound/Breakaway Goal Chances

G CH Goal Chances
REB CH Rebound Chances
PEN CH Penalty Chances
BK CH Breakaway Chances

The Hockey Ratings Guide is only available as a file download, there is no printed guidebook. Because this item is downloadable no refunds will be offered.