1986 Baseball Ratings Download

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  •  All the “card chances” number-crunching done for you
  • Available weeks before the new games come out
  • Spreadsheet-compatible download for easy sorting
Full Summary

This is the only Strat-O-Matic ratings guide with the official (advanced and super advanced) numbers … The only guide with every player, including the computer-only players … The only guide with so many categories of batting, pitching, defense and running ratings … Grids for every team, plus ballpark ratings … A must-read for drafting, trading, and even for making the best decisions during replays.

NEW FEATURE: Ratings download XLS file now includes batter injury ratings.

Available as Book only or File Download only, there are no Book and Download combo packages.

The Ratings are now available as a file download. The download link should be available under your account page under Downloads after the completion of your order. 

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