Strat-O-Matic Feature Survey

Welcome to your Strat-O-Matic Feature Survey

Netplay via Game Lobby - Connect and play real-time games with others.

Netplay direct connection - Connect and play real-time games with others.

Cloud Hosting - Manage your entire league in the Cloud.

Send Report to Cloud (new as of 2019) - Post your reports directly to the Cloud.

Social Media Posts - Quickly posts updates to Facebook or Twitter while you play a game of Strat-O-Matic.

Blogger  - Post reports and comments to Google's

Game Replay - View games that have already been played in a graphical presentation.

Online Draft - Conduct real-time online drafts.

Social Media Posts - Quickly posts updates to Facebook or Twitter while you play a game of Strat-O-Matic.

Blogger  - Post reports and comments to Google's

Game Replay - View games that have already been played in a graphical presentation.

Online Draft - Conduct real-time online drafts.

Web Builder - Create an entire website from your Strat-O-Matic League.

Report Writer - View Regular and Expanded stats with additional filtering/sorting capabilities, create your own custom reports.

Chart Maker - Visually chart game stats.

Encyclopedia - Build multi-year encyclopedias

55 Replies to “Strat-O-Matic Feature Survey”

  1. James Perkins says:

    I would like to see click and drag for ballpark locations.

    1. eaglesfly says:

      Second that

  2. Jerry says:

    I don’t use any of these options but I would like to try Netplay sometime.

  3. BRUCEBUNDY says:

    Hi guys!

  4. Eric says:

    There is an on-line draft feature in the game? I did not realize that. Both SOM leagues I am in draft on-line each year, but we use other ways to do it.

  5. spiegels says:

    Strat Draft only exists because Strat-o-matic has not adapted its draft feature to what the draft website offers. From the first year it was offered, the fixes look easy to do but the set of customers the game company speaks to about things is not the only user of the draft.

    1. Earl Christensen says:

      I only knew Strat draft on the internet never in the game???

  6. Bob says:

    One thing that really needs an upgrade is the scheduling utility. It should include reasonable numbers of off days to accommodate the way real teams use starting pitchers these days.

    1. LYLEKITTLE says:

      Absolutely agree, along with the option to insert an All Star break by specifying the dates.

  7. RC says:

    Please upgrade 250 league transaction. Limit. Seasonal Stats are compromised when exceeding this limit.

    1. eaglesfly says:

      Second that request

  8. Roger Ingram says:

    I would like to see resizable card image in baseball and/or ability to make fonts bigger for card image. Would like to more color choices on fonts for the statistics box that shows actual total, rrmepkay total and game stats.

  9. jeffrodrig says:

    It would be nice for the software to allow one to manually enter player information from the Strat-O-Matic cards into the program for baseball seasons that you haven’t paid for in the software (i.e. entering the 1980s and 1990s Diamond Gems teams and players from the cards into the software, though I haven’t paid for the seasons in the software that those teams cover).

    1. cwiseman says:

      Why would they make a way for folks to easily avoid paying them for something that they create and charge for?

  10. JERRY BROWN says:

    The cards in the windows game need to be like the real cards when you have a flyout or a single usually if its blank it goes to center field but it doesn’t match the real cards sometimes you don’t know who it went to

  11. ericsteven55 says:

    Simplify setup and improve SH bullpen options.

  12. Jesse Elicker says:

    For those who like watching the ball flight, the current animation is fairly basic. It could be fine tuned a good bit.

  13. MICHAELTOMEO says:

    I would like to be able to sort team stats by different categories. Right now it only sorts by batting average and era.

  14. Todd McCarter says:

    I’d like to see actual player salaries added so in leagues that utilize salary caps have it all contained within the game and not have to use an outside source like Spotrac to track & forcing managers to maintain their rosters on a spreadsheet

  15. jimbo7777777 says:

    #1 on my wish list would be more aesthetically pleasing card images, similar to the ones available in the card viewer. Make it an add-on charge, so you wouldn’t lose the extra money.

  16. PatrickGibbons says:

    I wish it was possible to do manual entry like the very first version of the pc game, it was so easy then…

  17. Mark Ducharme says:

    I do not use this that often as I was shifting computers and lost some of my stuff over the years which was my fault

  18. akw4572 says:

    please upgrade the graphic look of the computer game. It’s archaic and very difficult on these old yes.

  19. michaelrobb11 says:

    I think optimizing the AI should override all other cutesy bells and whistles. Strat is a board game so if it is to be computerized then the computer opponent should be as strong as possible. only then should fluff be added.

  20. markheil says:

    I love report writer. Can’t wait until you add WHIP and WAR to it.

  21. Surak says:

    I would like a rare play option that the PC game randomly puts the game into manual mode and allows the players to use their catalog of rare plays, and then assign hits errors, assists, etc. At the conclusion, the player then puts the game back in regular PC mode.

  22. sjwalk2 says:

    Options are good and life changes enable people to use things they might not now – so please don’t subtract features unless something easier and better is available. My biggest hope is for a mobile (iPhone, Android) version of the game that integrates with a windows/apple OS seamlessly.

  23. eaglesfly says:

    I would like an easier way to add games played manually with c & d to a computer season

  24. vicb says:

    Would love to click on the dice roll on the card image instead of clicking on 1-6 then 1-12 for the play result. When using the computer.

    1. Duglis says:

      I second this!

  25. JOHNNYPRATT says:

    Drag and drop function for the baseball loc file creator. A visible 100 percentile dice that can be set to skew less 1, 2, or 3 rolls on the batter card or for more rolls on the 4, 5, or 6 die columnn on the pitcher cards. Optionally to be used to normalize league stats produced by an all star created draft leagues.

  26. waynezmn says:

    I use the computer game mostly to compile stats.
    How about IMPROVING the computer manager!!! It’s awful!

    1. Duglis says:

      I agree on improving it, but I disagree that it’s awful.

  27. Frank says:

    League setup needs a wizard to make it easier and we need to have league filtering to be able to mask out or Un mask out seasons to make selection better when many of us have lots of authorized seasons installed. Scheduling templates that can be saved and teams assigned to. The game company could include a few, then the SOM community could build and share additional scheduling templates later.

  28. snarlfb says:

    Here’s my #1 wish list item – I don’t like programming CMs and always manage both teams – just like I did when all I played was C&D. The decisions that I find hardest to make objectively are baserunning decisions about trying to score or take an extra base (and this also includes the defensive decisons about cutoffs, etc.) How about an option to “Let HAL decide” whenever a baserunning decision has to be made? That would be a lot like basketball where you can let the PC decide what kind of shot to take.

  29. STUARTMARKON says:

    1. I agree with a previous comment on click and drag for ball park locations.
    2. I would like to see roster limitations for Sept (40 man roster) call ups be modified. Right now can only have 15 pitchers.
    3. I would like to see an upgrade to HAL logic (how 25 players are chosen if more than that available) and then how the lineups are developed (too many times, default lineups include players NOT on the 25-man roster).

  30. grampybob24 says:

    I would like to see the Diamond Gems added to the computer game

  31. dboyle34 says:

    I feel like a dinosaur answering no to most of these questions but I’m a happy dinosaur. I appreciate the steps you take to bring in a younger generation to Strat.


    Need better pinch hitting strategy options for the computer manager.

    1. gr8wass says:

      I agree if it can be done.

  33. bradjones says:

    As a long time computer player, I cannot thank SOM for all the work in making the computer product what it is.
    Specialty sets, custom ballparks, card viewer app all have made my enjoyment of Strat exactly what I needed to play those fantasies that brings me back to being 11 again.

    1. tpdeharts says:

      I agree 100% with Bob—As a long time computer player, I cannot thank SOM for all the work in making the computer product what it is.

  34. peterc1956 says:

    Please consider adding option to auto play by half inning, and into extra innings.

  35. John Sawickis says:

    I’d like to see the click and drag feature for ballpark locations too. Also, I’d like to see the CHUM program functionality brought back to the windows game for use with the Career Historical disks.

  36. LUCIANJUNTO says:

    Even though I don’t use certain features, I recognize their value. I play solo.

  37. PHILKING says:

    Fielding stats for traded players are not separated out per team. Also WAR needs to be part of Report Writer—sortable category of it’s own.

  38. Colts19 says:

    Need better graphics. Great graphics and statistical accuracy are not mutually exclusive

  39. brianmcneil says:

    Online drafting will only be good if its better than the SOM DRAFT site which is really good. For old seasons merge the 2 leagues into 1. I’d love to be able to look at a complete season without having to manage to independent sets of data (AL vs NL).
    Customizable standard reports would be nice or at least modernize a bit. Standings with Elimination #’s, etc.
    Modernize the game – bring it into the 21st century, Make a version for Mac.

  40. richard says:

    I would like to see older ballpark stadium images. Huntington Ave Grounds for Boston. Exposition Park for the Pirates, etc. Plus Ballparks for the Negro Leagues.

  41. rockett says:

    Drag and release ballpark locations. Game is great!

  42. Palanion says:

    Many of these features I would like to use, but I find the Help and Rules functionality cumbersome and not intuitive, so I basically ignore those features. And, honestly, I did not know about Chart Maker, Report Writer, Online Draft, or Game Replay. One of the leagues I am in tried the Cloud hosting. I loved it. It was SO easy. However, some owners did not like it or had issues with it, so we stopped, which is too bad. But, I wonder how much of these features are not used or used incorrectly because instructions and how-to’s are not great or nonexistent. If only there was a Windows game functionality instruction book as a PDF that was detailed and descriptive.

  43. DAVIDWARD says:

    As a lover of baseball tradition, I enjoy using the Hero sets with the HOF set to build all time great rosters for each major league team. Would like to see a new Hero set that features more old time players.
    Also – confused by ratings sometimes. Example: 1924 set, Zack Wheat – his greatest season, yet his fielding (arm) is poor and also his running seems subpar. Yet in the baseball 365 set, his ratings are more realistic – BUT he is rated better for right field than in left. As far as I know, he ALWAYS played left field. Don’t get it.
    Finally – I agree – graphics need to be enhanced. This should be a priority. Look at what the gaming world is providing these days! Would add a lot of fun to the gaming experience.



  45. coldfish says:

    The hit and run feature, needs some more explaining for input with the manual dice roll, I am only able to click on 4,5,6, for the white dice and 1,2,3 for the white dice aren’t clickable. So when i have a dice roll with a 1,2 or 3 ……. i play the 1 as a 4, the 2 as a 5 and the 3 as a 6 then input those, plus the total result of two red dice and click okay to get my result.
    Just not sure how the batters ratings come in to affect well trying a hit and run mostly for the pre 1920 seasons.
    Has anyone else tried this?
    any suggestions would be nice.

  46. ROBERTBIONAZ says:

    I have two things I think could be improved: 1) the sacrifice fly in pre-1954 editions (1932-38, 1940-53) should not be tabulated in the statistics. In those years, it was simply a flyball, an RBI, and a time-at-bat. Didn’t become an official stat until 1954. 2) the rule enabling an individual pitcher to be charged with earned runs that didn’t count against the team total did not exist until 1969. Prior to that season, a reliever wasn’t charged with “individual” earned runs, no matter how briefly or ineffectively he pitched.

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