1928 Negro League Baseball Windows Season

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  • Louis, KC, Detroit Flourish in Dominant American Division
  • Blackball Stars: Bat Champ Wilson, Slugger Stearnes, K-King Paige
  • 17 Hall of Famers, 45 others from SOM’s Negro Stars Set
Full Summary

The 1928 Negro Leagues were talent-rich, with the gaudy numbers to show for it with Strat-O-Matic’s method of calculating the league as a 156-game schedule for the eight teams.

Baltimore’s Jud Wilson (.379) and Rap Dixon (.366) were 1-2 among 33 .300 hitters. Baltimore’s Corner Pocket Yokely and St. Louis’ Ted Trent each won 25 games to top 15 20-game winners. Detroit’s Turkey Stearnes (36) and Homestead’s Martin Dihigo (34) were the top home-run sluggers. Wilson, Dixon, Philadelphia’s Oscar Charleston and New York’s Tubby Scales all topped 1.000 OPS. Birmingham’s fire-balling Satchel Paige led all pitchers in strikeouts.

Students of baseball history will recognize some of the names above as among the 17 Hall of Famers in this season. Veterans of Strat-O-Matic’s Negro Stars set will find 45 of them active in 1928.

Requires Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2021 or higher to play

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