Diamond Gems: Negro Leagues Series B Game

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  • Gimme More: Sequel to our popular original Negro League Diamond Gems
  • Legends Galore: Gibson, Paige, Leonard, Bell...
  • New Franchises: Detroit Stars, St. Louis Stars, Philadelphia Stars, New York Cubans, Baltimore Elite Giants
Full Summary


Unlike Strat-O-Matic’s popular Negro League Stars set with players based on career statistics, this follow up set of eight more legendary franchises feature superstars in their single-season primes, dueling their rivals. All cards will be full Super-Advanced level.

Included with your purchase is a booklet highlighting each team’s season, roster, default lineup and rotation and ballpark/weather effects
Teams included in Diamond Gems Negro Leagues Series B:

1920 Detroit Stars 85-59 … Big Bill Gatewood, Pete Hill, Jimmie Lyons, Ed Wesley

1928 St. Louis Stars 101-55 … Cool Papa Bell, Eggie Hensley, Spoony Palm, Frog Redus, Mule Suttles

1933 Indianapolis (Chicago) American Giants 88-56 … Big Bill Foster, Turkey Stearnes, Mule Suttles, Willie Wells

1934 Philadelphia Stars 86-58 … Slim Jones, Biz Mackey, Webster McDonald, Jud Wilson

1935 New York Cubans 84-60 … Martin Dihigo, Rap Dixon, Lazaro Salazar, Neck Stanley

1942 KC Monarchs 89-55 … Willard Brown, Buck O’Neil, Satchel Paige, Hilton Smith

1943 Homestead Grays 104-50 … Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard

1949 Baltimore Elite Giants 93-51 … Joe Black, Bill Byrd, Leon Day, Henry Kimbro